Expect Freeman “Sooner Than Later”

May 10th, 2009

Joe openly scoffed at NationalFootballPost.com’s Michael Lombardi for suggesting the Bucs would actually trade up to acquire bust-in-waiting quarterback Josh Freeman.

Joe couldn’t believe anyone would be that stupid. Well, apparently the Bucs were that stupid. So chagrin at calling Lombardi out, Joe issued a heartfelt apology.

So now when Joe reades Lombardi’s work, specifically when it comes to the Bucs quarterback situation, Joe is more apt to to believe it.

So believe this: Freeman will start soon, so says Lombardi.

Josh Freeman is a very confident player. He seems to feel he can play right away, and he might be right. The Bucs coaches’ comfort level with Freeman is currently very high. He might not be able to beat out Byron Leftwich right now, but once he gets up to speed, I suspect the Bucs might want to get him involved sooner than later.

Joe is inclined to believe that if bust-in-waiting Freeman is ever going to amount to a hill of beans in the NFL, he needs to take his time watching and learning, not thrown to the wolves.

But apparently, Raheem the Dream has such an erection over Freeman he can barely contain himself. Therefore, he will get Freeman on the field as soon as he can.

It’s going to be a long season Bucs fans. Sigh.

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    Did you expirence…
    “The Throwin’ Samoan”

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