Coach Wants Bucs To Go Slow With Freeman

May 11th, 2009

If the decision is left up to Bucs offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski, Bucs bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman should not be thrown to the wolves and should be given plenty of time to work his way into the starting lineup.

In a story on Yahoo! Sports, Jagodzinski, who developed current Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan at Boston College, is not one to start Freeman right away.

“I think you need to be patient with a quarterback, too. I really do,” Jagodzinski said. “Because there’s a lot of factors that go into I think developing a quarterback. It takes time. You know, Matt Ryan was an anomaly, being able to come in and do what he did.”

Jagodzinski is correct. Sure, Joe Flacco led a team to a playoff berth but his numbers didn’t jump out at you. For ever Matt Ryan there’s a Ryan Leaf or a Joey Harrington. Remember that Freeman came out of college as a junior, not as a senior. So he’s still young.

Joe would much rather have the Bucs take their time with Freeman, very much like the Packers did Aaron Rodgers. Sure, the Bucs don’t have a Brett Favre (yet). But no one who hasn’t had a few drinks would suggest the Bucs are a playoff team.

If Freeman is rushed and, as Joe expects (but hopes to the contrary), Freeman falls on his face, it will set the Bucs back five years. Starting Freeman right away, no matter how slobbering in love Raheem the Dream is over him, is too much of a gamble.

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