Score One For Raheem The Dream

May 13th, 2009
Luke McCown calls his head coach a straight shooter

Luke McCown calls his head coach a straight shooter

Joe is impressed and wants to publicly congratulate Raheem The Dream for his open communication with Luke McCown.

Per McCown’s quotes in The Tampa Tribune, The Dream told McCown months ago that he should be prepared for the Bucs to draft a quarterback in the first round.

… McCown is fine with it, largely because he knew this scenario was likely when he opted to re-sign with the Bucs two months ago. First-year coach Raheem Morris told him so.

“When I signed my contract, he took me to his office, showed me the depth chart and said, ‘We’ve got the 19th pick in the draft and all the experts say we’re going to draft a quarterback,” McCown said.

“So I anticipated that. And you know, that’s what I love about Raheem. He shoots you straight. He’s going to tell you what’s going on. I mean, you can’t do anything but respect him for that.”

Joe has ripped The Dream multiple times for talking up 27-year-old McCown for weeks as a young stud quarterback and then running out and drafting his bride to be and “franchise” quarterback, bust-in-waiting Josh Freeman.

The feeling here was The Dream was lying to players and kicking McCown in the groin at the same time.

It seems nothing was further from the truth.

Joe hopes The Dream has the fortitude to keep playing it straight with his players.

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