Derrick Brooks Drinks Rolling Rock

May 13th, 2009

Joe enjoys people who are bluntly honest and Warren Sapp fits that description perfectly.

Chris Harry of the Orlando Sentinel snagged an interview with the former Bucs great and NFL Network host Sapp yesterday at the Bucs’ OTA. Sapp was his entertaining self and he dropped some priceless tidbits:

* Derrick Brooks drinks Rolling Rock.

* Sapp is still hacked off at Chucky for yanking him around and at Meshaun Johnson for blowing off offseason workouts when he was with the Bucs.

* Sapp often texts Brett Favre and at one point Favre asked Sapp what he should do with his career.

* Longs for a “Warren Sapp Night” at the CITS.

But Sapp seemed to leave most of his venom for Sgt. Winslow not being at the Bucs’ OTA. It was also apparent that Sapp is not fan of horses.

It shows the dedication to your team. Are you ready to forge the foundation that will carry us through the season. That’s what’s going on now. That’s why [new tight end Kellen] Winslow needs to be here, so the quarterback has confidence when the blitz package is going, ‘I know you’re going to be there for me, Winslow.’ You get a chance to work with Antonio Bryant and the receivers. You have to forge it that way. What the hell else are you doing? What else is going on, the Kentucky Derby?

It’s pretty obvious that Sapp has a long memory. He’s still bitter about what he perceives as slights: Meshaun and Chucky.

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