Has Leftwich Become The No. 1 Quarterback?

May 30th, 2009

Joe sort of hinted at this before, but the tealeaves are there to be read. It appears that Byron Leftwich might be the leader entering training camp as the Bucs No. 1 quarterback.

Granted, it’s still May. A lot of time between now and the start of the season, but there are hints that Leftwich is now the man.

First, you haven’t heard Raheem the Dream gloat much lately about Luke McCown, who many suggested the starting job was his to lose.

Then, if you read/hear interviews with Bucs players, they are not jocking McCown like they were. What jumped out at Joe was Sgt. Winslow’s interview with J.P. Peterson Friday. When Sgt. Winslow was asked about the Bucs quarterbacks, the first one he mentioned was Leftwich.

Lately the video clips of the Bucs offense at OTAs seemed to always show Leftwich winging the ball.

Also, earlier, there were whispers from various sources that McCown wasn’t exactly lighting up the OTAs in earlier sessions.

Joe has zero inside information on this but it seems that Leftwich may be the leader with less than two months before training camp opens.

5 Responses to “Has Leftwich Become The No. 1 Quarterback?”

  1. dave Says:

    You just posted a story in which Winslow says about McCown, “he finally gets a chance, it’s his job to lose”. What’s changed? It’s well known this offense is going to feature bootlegs and rollouts which play much more to McCown’s strengths. Don’t really follow your logic.

  2. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Dave the earlier story was written by Joe #1 while this was written by Joe #2. Don’t worry – nothing has changed. it’s just a slow time of year – we can only “hope” that the Bucs sign Plexaco so that the Joes have something to write about. Or maybe Plexaco will shoot Talib the next time Talib swings away! 😉

  3. BigMacAttack Says:

    Didn’t Davey Allison drive the “Plexico” car? Hahaha. So should the Bucs make a move on Greg Ellis from the Cowboys. He’s a big pass rusher and it sounds like he is out in Big D. Any thought on this Joey???

  4. Joe Says:

    Hi Dave:

    >>> You just posted a story in which Winslow says about McCown, “he finally gets a chance, it’s his job to lose”. <<<

    Correct. Joe is the one who heard the interview and transcribed it. In previous interviews, Sgt. Winslow crowed about McCown. This time Winslow talked about McCown only as an afterthought.

    Maybe Joe is reading too much into it but if McCown was leading the race, why not talk about him first? The first quarterback Sgt. Winslow talked about was Leftwich.

  5. John Says:

    Which QB is getting $5M guaranteed this coming season?

    He’s your leader going into training camp.