Bucs Sign Kyle Moore

May 31st, 2009

It’s just after midnight on a Saturday night. Joe has noticed via his Twitter account that oily player agent Drew Rosenhaus is claiming the Bucs signed fourth round draft pick defensive end Kyle Moore.

Joe has checked Buccaneers.com, TampaBay.com and TBO.com and this is nowhere to be found. Joe’s wondering if maybe Rosenhaus might have had too many cocktails tonight?

At any rate, what Rosenhaus did write is what caught Joe’s attention.

I’m pleased to announce that we have signed rookie 4th round pick Kyle Moore of the Bucs as a new client. Kyle has a great future in the NFL. Kyle’s a versatile defensive lineman who will contribute as a rookie @both left end & tackle.

Interesting. Moore won’t just be a defensive end but will work inside too? Interesting.

UPDATE: As commenters have pointed out, Moore signed with Rosenhaus, not the Bucs (yet). It might help if Joe doesn’t read Rosenhaus’ Twitter updates at 11 p.m. on a Saturday night.

2 Responses to “Bucs Sign Kyle Moore”

  1. Alex Says:

    I think Drew’s saying his agency signed Moore to be represented by his company, rather than the Bucs signed him to a contract.

  2. notJoe Says:

    Joe can’t read. Rosenhaus signed him not the Bucs. Moore working inside is info which has been on the web for more than a week. Keep up the inept work!