Gator Bust Could Reunite With Jim Bates

May 6th, 2009

Former Gator DE Jarvis Moss has been a mess in Denver

If you wonder whether Gaines Adams is a bust, at least be happy you’re unsure.

Life could be worse. You could be a Broncos fan. Their 2007 first round pick defensive end Jarvis Moss is a bonafide bust. 

He’s the big Gator taken No. 17 overall in 2007, handpicked for the Broncos by Bucs defensive coordinator Jim Bates, one of the first moves of his subpar experience in Denver.  

Now “whispers” reported by Pro Football Weekly have Mark Dominik interested in trading for Moss. What the Bucs might trade is unknown, considering the Broncos couldn’t deal Moss last week for a seventh round pick.

Perhaps the Broncos could see the value in Brian Griese? Sort of unwanted goods for unwanted goods.

Three months ago Joe told you about Bates’ rough time in Denver, Back then, Joe had a hunch the Bucs would make a play for Broncos’ defensive tackle Tim Crowder, Bates’ second round pick in Denver who rode the bench last season.

Perhaps he remains an option.

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