Josh Freeman Speaks

May 6th, 2009

Late Tuesday afternoon, Bucs bust-in-waiting quarterback Josh Freeman appeared on Sirius NFL Radio’s “Movin’ the Chains” with Tim Ryan and Pat Kirwan. Freeman spoke about a variety of subjects but spoke glowingly of fellow rookie wide receiver Sammie Stroughter.

Freeman actually sounded like he had just awakened. Joe can’t blame him. Joe too likes to catch a late-afternoon nap whenever he can.

Tim Ryan: What do you think of Tampa?

Josh Freeman: [One Buc Palace] is really kind of a homey environment. It’s one of the nicest places I’ve seen. There’s water everywhere.

TR: You are in the same draft class as Sammie Stroughter. What can you tell us about him?

JF: He’s one of those guys coming into camp that I never really knew a lot about him. I knew he was from Oregon State. He really came out [at minicamp] and he’s a player. He was always wanting plays where he could get the ball. He wanted a lot of touches. I can’t recall him dropping one pass. He ran all the routes so precise. He knew how to get open.

I have a good feel for him. I think we developed some chemistry. I can’t say enough about the guy. He’s a hard worker and a really good receiver.

Pat Kirwan: What are your responsibilities until the next time you show up?

JF: I took a lot of notes. I’ve got maybe 60-80 plays. [Bucs coaches] are waiting on all of us to get back in and they will install more [plays] so I will learn them. Not sure how many there will be when training camp starts.

PK: What do you think of your offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski?

JF: Jags is a real precise and to the point and has a good sense of humor. He knows how to relate to the players. He has his own style of offense and ways to call plays.

PK: Have any coaches talked to you about your mechanics?

JF: No, they said I had good mechanics and that I have good throws. I just need to be more consistent with my feet and get my hips right. I need to be a little more consistent and that will come with time. There’s nothing wrong with my mechanics.

TR: How is school going?

JF: I didn’t take any classes this semester. I think I am 22 credit hours short. I was told that you want to get your feet underneath you and adjust to the NFL before you make any major steps to finish your education.

TR: What was the most fun you had football-wise last weekend?

JF: Learning the offense. Being able to spit it out the plays slowly in the huddle and make the throws. I really learned a lot about the system we have.

PK: Did you see the play in your mind’s eye after you called it?

JF: The first day, [coaches had] a few plays that were thrown at you right away to see where you were. The second day, I was able to make about eight words. If you spit it out, maybe [what I called were] not the right play. So I’d have to go back and try it a couple of times. I think I got adjusted pretty well.

TR: Will you be starting this season?

JF: [The coaches] just told me to learn as much as I can. No rush. Don’t be forced to go out there. I’m a competitor and I wanted to go out there. I feel I’m the best man for the job. If it’s me I’ll take it but if it’s not me I will continue to develop and be the best quarterback I can be. Of course I want to play.

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