More Ward-Kardashian Gossip

May 6th, 2009

Though it may at times appear otherwise, Joe doesn’t know everything going on with the Bucs and Bucs players. So Joe is more than happy to have his hockey-crazed sister Amanda looking out for him.

Amanda tipped off Joe to the lastest buzz in southern California about Bucs running back Derrick Ward dating celebrity (?) Chloe Kardashian, best known as the sister of celebrity (?) Kim Kardashian, who is romantically linked to Saints running back Reggie Bush.

The reality TV star has been getting close to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Derrick Ward for about a month, a source tells Star. A running back, like Reggie, “Derrick met Khloe through Kim, and the four of them go on double dates. The sisters both really like sports stars!”

Indeed — Khloe last dated Rashad McCants, currently with the NBA’s Sacramento Kings, but the two broke up in January due to his hectic professional schedule.

“[Basketball players] have 82 games a year…and I work so much,” said Khloe. “It’s hard to spend time together.”

After the split, “her mom and sisters would try to set her up with guys, but she’s been really picky,” says the source. “So now the family is just happy she found someone she likes!”

Again, Joe is thankful Amanda was looking out for him on this story, which Joe first located on weeks ago. Joe’s not one to browse Star Magazine. He’s usually too busy watching NFL Network, especially when the NFL Network periodically runs this series.

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