Sgt. Winslow Speaks

April 2nd, 2009

Joe has made no secret that he is suspicious — yet hopeful — about Mark Dominik trading a second round draft choice this season for Sgt. Winslow.

But after hearing Sgt. Winslow talk to Sirius NFL Radio’s Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots on “The Blitz” this afternoon, Joe was so fired up he wanted to start running down the street and hitting people.

While much of the interview dealt with his Cleveland days (Sgt. Winslow raved about Brady Quinn as a quarterback and leader), the initial minutes of the segment dealt with Sgt. Winslow’s new team, the Bucs.

Solomon Wilcots: How happy are you to be in Tampa?

(Kellen) Sgt. Winslow: I really couldn’t be happier. My family and I, it’s the happiest we can be with the move we made. We have big smiles on our faces. I can’t wait to get going.

Adam Schein: Were you aware of the trade when it was going down?

KW: Oh yeah, it was up to me, that was how it went down. I was cool about it. It was a one-day trade. Cleveland wanted to get it down right away or not do the deal. Cleveland didn’t want the rumors to get out there. Tampa Bay was the most interested team.

[Sgt. Winslow then, unprovoked, began talking about Bucs quarterback Luke McCown and Raheem The Dream.]

Luke McCown is a good friend of mine. We have a history together. We came into the league together. It was a no-brainer for me.

Meeting coach Morris and the tight ends coach [Alfredo Roberts] who is from Cleveland down here, it was a no-brainer this was the right move. I’m as happy as can be.

SW: What is in store next for Kellen Winslow for 2009?

KW: I’m just coming to work, just coming to work like I have always been doing. I’m just here to make plays for my team and help my team win. That’s all I can do.

We have a very fast team. I caught a pass in minicamp and there were six dudes around me. I’m not used to that. We are a very fast team. I can’t wait to get going. I’m excited, everybody is excited.

AS: Are you convinced Luke will be the starting quarterback?

KW: I think he will be. Everyone needs a chance and Luke has never had a chance. This is his sixth year in the league. If I was to start a franchise, he would be one of the few I’d put in there.

I know what he is about. He’s a great man, a great leader and he’s a very good athlete. He just needs his chance. Everybody needs a chance. We know what he is about and his teammates know what he is about.

Josh Johnson is very talented and he is pushing Luke. We have a lot of talent. I think Luke and Josh can really help us.

It’s a blessing I’m here. I don’t want to play for another coach now that I’ve met coach Morris. The energy level he brings is awesome. He’s a players’ coach, he’s a young guy but he knows what he is doing. He’s a decision-maker. We will make mistakes together but we will learn from that. He is infectious. I can’t wait to get going. I don’t want to play for anyone else.

SW: We don’t know what the Bucs are doing on defense. We don’t know what they are doing on offense. What can we expect from the Bucs?

KW: [Derrick] Brooks is a legend here; he’s gone. [Warrick] Dunn is a legend here; he’s gone. Joey Galloway is a legend. I wish I could have played with those guys.

But the 2009 Bucs will be real fast, real physical and we will hit you in the mouth. Offensively we will run the ball. The offensive line is solid. We will be real exciting and we will run the football.

AS: What will you think if the Bucs trade for [pouty Broncos quarterback] Jay Cutler?

KW: If it makes our team better… I’m seeing [Cutler] doesn’t want to leave now. I really don’t know what is going to happen. Luke is a great friend of mine and he deserves a chance but if Jay comes here, if it makes our team better…

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