Want Cutler? Read This

April 2nd, 2009
Do the Bucs really need to look for pouty Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler to be a saviour?

Do the Bucs really need to look for pouty Broncos QB Jay Cutler to be a savior?

Joe has gone on record agreeing that whining daddy’s boy Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler would be an upgrade for the Bucs. Then again, so would Jason Campbell. Joe’s just unsure of the price for Cutler.

Joe is troubled a great deal by Cutler’s antics, both on and off the field. For Culter’s sake Joe hopes it’s just that Cutler needs new batteries in his blood glucose meter.

Joe also wondered why, if Cutler — who has yet to take a snap in a playoff game — was such a valuable commodity that one of the first moves new Broncos coach Josh McDaniels attempted to do was to trade Cutler?

Well, Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post penned a scathing column of Cutler and answers some of Joe’s questions.

What McDaniels knew to be as good as championship gold in New England were these traits in a quarterback: unflappable poise, the humility to take what the defense gives and acceptance of criticism in the pursuit of victory.

For all his obvious physical gifts, self-reliance and refusal to surrender, Cutler is cursed by a thin skin and a thick head.

Despite studying at the Southeastern Conference’s brainiac university and passing the Wonderlic test with flying colors, Cutler was not smart enough to act like a championship quarterback.

Joe has written before that Cutler may be a younger version of Jeff George: Gifted quarterback with a ten cent head and a bigger attitude than Dan Marino.

Joe is still of the mind that a third round pick for Matt Leinart would be better. Much better reward/risk factor than a still unproven quarterback with terrible mood swings and thin skin.

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