Luke McCown Era Survives; Cutler Traded

April 2nd, 2009
Luke McCown's mysterious underwear-staining issue should clear up about now

Luke McCown's alleged mysterious underwear-staining issue should clear up about now

Now it’s finally time to buy your Luke McCown jersey!

He’s surely the happiest guy in the Bay area, now that the Chicago Bears have traded the proverbial farm for Jay Cutler today.

If you’re keeping score, the Bears gave up QB Kyle Orton, First round draft picks in 2009 and 2010, and a third round pick. in 2009, reports ESPN.

Beers on McCown tonight. Now the Bucs can get back to the business of the NFL Draft and signing the mysterious fourth quarterback to compete for the starting job.

One Response to “Luke McCown Era Survives; Cutler Traded”

  1. Cameron Simms Says:

    Well given our draft record what´s the difference? seriously… i know it’s alot when you first read about it, (2) 1 and a (3) but didn´t we give that away + 8millon dollars for coach guru? I’m no fan of gruden nor dungy nor this daydream because he’ll be one and done, and mcClOWN will be pulled of by week 4 trust me. Maybe we needed to giveup the farm in order to get a Real QB, not just another patch job.