One Of The Darkest Days In Bucs History

April 25th, 2009

This stiff you are looking at in this post is the future of the franchise and will be the reason why the Bucs will be a subpar team for at least the next five years. How fitting the Creamsicle unis are coming back this year.

Folks, remember the Yucs? Well, here they come again, led by Bucs bust Josh Freeman.

Joe has learned THE PESSIMIST will be checking in a little bit later. But first, he has to deal with the cops that were just called to his residence, so THE PESSIMIST might be a bit delayed.

Personally, Joe just cannot believe how stupid of a pick this is. Joe doesn’t know whether to cry or throw something.

6 Responses to “One Of The Darkest Days In Bucs History”

  1. Matt88 Says:

    Very disappointed about this move…could have used the help on the defensive line alottt more.

  2. Art Rawspine Says:

    Do both bro. This pick has Akilli Smith written all over it. I hope Raheem enjoys his 2-14 season.

  3. leningan Says:

    Why did we feel the need to trade up for freeman? What did we give up a sixth?

  4. dave Says:

    This regime deserves everything it gets. Go to HELL!

  5. jb9550 Says:

    Dear Mr. Glazer,

    Please do everyone a big favor and sell this team to someone who knows something about football. You guys put these idiots in charge and you are responsible for this mess. Every single person that knows anything about pro football knows that we needed defense. Is Morris the second comming of Leeman Bennett??

  6. MTM Says:

    The Glazers should sell the Buc’s to the De bartalo’. So they can focus on their kickball team. I mean succer team.
    Then they can have more time to raise barns. Or what ever the hell they do. They SUCK as far as ownership goes.