The NFC Quarterback Club

April 3rd, 2009
Luke stay with me, man. Ive only got another 145 plays to install by Sunday.

"Luke stay with me, man. I've only got another 145 plays to install by Sunday."

Joe was just sitting around thinking about the magnitude of the challenge facing Luke McCown.

For Joe, the intriguing question is how patient will Bucs fans be?

And will McCown get that two-year window Raheem The Dream allegedly discussed with the team?

For kicks, Joe is serving up a list below of McCown’s NFC quarterback brethren.

It’s a reasonably impressive group.

Joe’s going to crack a cold one tonight and hope that by November McCown proves himself to belong in the same breath as most of these guys.

Eli Manning
Tony Romo
Jason Campbell
Donovan McNabb
Tavares Jackson/Sage Rosenfels
Jay Cutler
Daunte Culpepper
Aaron Rogers
Matt Ryan
Drew Brees
Jake Delhomme
Luke McCown
Matt Hasselbeck
Kurt Warner
Marc Bulger
Shaun Hill

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