Gaines Adams Is “Hoping” For Help

April 3rd, 2009

Joe recommends this story from Chris Harry of the Orlando Sentinel.

Harry, one of the veteran Bucs beat scribes, spent time studying the start of the Jim Bates era on defense.

Many Bucs fans wondered who would want to follow the legendary Monte Kiffin. It seems like the fiery Bates is a smooth fit.

“I’d rather come in following Monte than come into some place where they haven’t been passionate, they haven’t had the team feeling and haven’t played good defense,” Bates said. “Yes, these are big shoes to fill, but we’ve also had some great defense over the years. We’re looking forward to the challenge.”

Most troubling to Joe was a quote by Gaines Adams, who is looking for help. Now Joe realizes he’s reading a bit between the lines here. But it would be much preferred to see Adams come across more confidently and with more self-responsibility.

The most glaring difference will be seeing cornerbacks, namely veteran Ronde Barber and 2008 first-round pick Aqib Talib, in tight man coverage outside on wide receivers.

“We will be a lot more aggressive where the corners are concerned,” Bates said.

Talib’s take on that additional responsibility?

“Love it,” he said.

The press coverage will mean little if defensive end Gaines Adams and friends aren’t doing their part up front. “I’m hoping he can take me to where I want to be,” Adams said.

Mr. Adams, you will take yourself where you want to be. Are you saying Monte Kiffin didn’t get it done for you?

Work hard til you hurt. Study film til you can’t see. And let it all hang out on the field. That’s being a man in the NFL.

5 Responses to “Gaines Adams Is “Hoping” For Help”

  1. Greg T Says:

    Yes I think Joe is reading waay to much into it. Ive seen Gains interview and clearly looks simply to be looking forward to learning from Jim Bates who is one of the best coaches in the NFL at developing D Linemen. Gains Adams has no help from the defensive tackles to force qbs out of the pocket. If we draft Peria Jerry, both Adams and styles whites numbers will improve.

  2. casey Says:

    Adams has really been a disappointment. He’s just not showing he’s a No. 4 pick in the first round. I’d feel better if he was a third or fourth rounder. What are they even paying that guy? This is his make or break year

  3. Mr Lucky Says:

    No, no you’ve got it all wrong guys.

    What you need to read between the lines is this: [Gaines thinking…]’Man I suck at getting to the QB. I hope that Bates get a REAL DE on the other side who takes 2 guys to stop, maybe then the opposing QB’s will run right towards me so I can get some more stops.’


    ‘I hope that Bates puts in more CB Blitz’s into the D – that way the offensive coverage goes after THEM and I can get some free shots at the QB – heck I’ve got to finally earn my keep around here.’

    Whatever Gaines is thinking I hope he finally toughens up and stops playing girlie football.

  4. Eric Says:

    Actually agree with Mr. Lucky here. Gaines plays way too soft and doesn’t overpower linemen when he has to turn in towards the quarterback. If I see him run 10 yards straight down the field again past the linemans (but past the QB too), I am going to pull out my hair. I said on draft day that I would be happy with anyone but Gaines Adams. Now my wife cringes every Sunday when Gaines sprints upfield swinging at air.

  5. Buccanay Says:

    I don’t mind so much drafting a project at 17, but when you have the number 4 pick you should not be drafting a pass rusher only to find he has only one move, hes raw and needs work. Not at 4!