Don’t Fret Over Missing Cutler

April 3rd, 2009

Joe didn’t lose a wink of sleep last night after learning thin-skinned Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler was not traded to the Bucs. Of course, it didn’t hurt that Joe had a couple of beers as well.

But Joe understands a lot of Bucs fans were panting over the thought of Cuter calling signals for the Bucs. Joe Henderson of the Tampa Tribune is not among that group.

Henderson was/is one of the few voices that all but begged the Bucs not to land Cutler. This morning, Henderson is breathing a loud sigh of relief.

You wanted Cutler? That’s the same guy who threw a tantrum when learning the Broncos had talked seriously of including in a three-way deal to the Bucs. He put his house in Denver up for sale. He wouldn’t return calls from his coach and Broncos owner Pat Bowlen.

That doesn’t sound like the kind of leader that can take a team to a championship.

It was also interesting that few (any?) of his former teammates stood up for him. Compare that to the way the Bucs are rallying behind McCown.

None of us know for sure whether McCown packs the goods to win consistently in the NFL. We do know, though, that if you put him side-by-side with Cutler, it’s no question who has handled this situation better.

Sure, two first round picks and a third is a steep price to pay for a quarterback who at times seems to have all the attributes of a spoiled brat with ADD and has started as many NFL playoff games as Joe has. But imagine how much the Bucs would have paid if Son of Bob was part of the deal? The Bucs would have had to cough up three first round picks for Denver to take this stiff off of their hands!

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