Jagodzinski’s Aspirations Could Stunt Freeman

April 29th, 2009
Jagodzinski could be one-and-done with Tampa Bay if he could land a head coaching job next season

Jagodzinski could be one-and-done with Tampa Bay if he's offered a head coaching job next season

Pondering the successful development of Bucs’ bust-in-waiting quarterback Josh Freeman has Joe very nervous about offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski.

Jagodzinski, 45, has strong college and NFL experience, and he jumped at the chance during the offseason to interview for the Jets head coaching job before signing with the Bucs.

Surely, if the Bucs succeed on the offensive side of the ball in 2009 (and the talent is there to do it), Jagodzinski easily could become a hot candidate around the NFL. And there’s no reason to believe he wouldn’t grab any head coaching job that came his way.

If Jagodzinski leaves Tampa Bay after one season, that would negatively impact the development of Freeman.

This puts fans in a tough spot.

You root like hell for the Bucs’ offense to hum like a finely tuned motor, yet the reward could be the new offensive coordinator takes off on the next bus out of town and your “franchise” quarterback is left scratching his head.

10 Responses to “Jagodzinski’s Aspirations Could Stunt Freeman”

  1. e2 Says:

    Hopefully the Glazier’s can pay Jago and keep him here… Jerry Jones did it with Jason Garrett so it’s not impossible…????

    This would take all the wind outta my sail….


  2. TonyQ Says:

    Smart take. See this is why we forgive you for pounding Freeman every day

  3. e2 Says:

    Good job on JP’s….. I enjoyed the interview, even the bashing on ol’ Josh , now i can put a voice with these post responses..



  4. BigMacAttack Says:

    If Jagz does a bang up job this season and the Bucs make the playoffs in the toughest NFC division (don’t hold your breath), Jags may get offers. First, there are several top notch Coaches sitting in the press box right now who are more coveted than Jagz, so he will have to wait in line. Second, most of the bad coaches got the boot this year, with the exception of Wade Phillips, and Chucky will land that job next year. Third, so all this happens and Jagz is the man and he gets an offer. The knee jerk reactors of the Glazer Golden Spirm Club (Big Dog stole my line) will fire Raheem the Daydream as it eventually sinks in just how stupid he is, and promote Jagz to the Head coach of the Bucs (For sure if they go 9-7, which is a curse. 4-12 is better than 9-7). Fourth, hopefully the Glay Boys are burning up Bill Cowher’s and Mike Shanahan’s phone lines regularly, just in case when things go south. Now Josh is here, so we might as well support him, and hope for the best. In a worst case scenario, the Dayream team gets fired, which is no great loss. We could have an owner like Marge Schott. “Smoke em if you got em babe”.

  5. CarmenJr Says:

    Glad someone brought this up. The Bucs have painted themselves into a corner. jagozinski puts out a top 10 offense next season and there’s probably a job for him. Are teh Bucs really going to pay him more than Morris, who’s proabably the lowest paid coach in the NFL. Either way Jagz probably goes. In this economy, the market for Cowher and Holmgren might push teams into the cheaper coach. Shanahan and Chucky have guaranteed deals so they can take less money and make up the difference from the Bucs.

  6. Demetrios Liaros Says:

    Dude, drop the “bust-in-waiting” b.s. I’m not crazy about the pick either, but give the guy a chance. I appreciate that you are not a homer but your whining is getting old quickly, and you are starting to lose some credibility.

  7. Danbucsfan Says:

    If Jag leaves, the ENTIRE offense will have to make an adjustment!

    I know, Josh is a rookie…but for God’s sake, he is not a fragile soul who will crumble under this change, IF it should happen!

    Since he probably wont play this first year, maybe it is best to just study under his veterans and see how THEY handle the change, since most of them have already had to handle these types of changes in the past…

    That all falls under the category of “developing” a quarterback. He did not get this far without having a certain understanding of the game and posessing the skills to play the game. The veterans are there to fine tune those skills and give him some insight into what it takes to take it to the next level.

    His comment that got my attention was his dedication to “hard work”. If the man is dedicated to working hard and being a student of the game, then I think he will be a better player than “bust-in-waiting”, as some people like to think.


  8. admin Says:

    Joe here,

    Demetrios – Thanks for your comments and patronage..

    Sorry that “bust-in-waiting” annoys you.

    Frankly, nobody is rooting more for Freeman than I. He’ll get his chance just like every other player on the roster. He’s the same human being and player whether he was drafted at No. 17 or in the third round. The bust label in the NFL is always based on where you’re drafted. We here at JoeBucsFan.com believe Freeman is a bust-in-waiting, simply because he was drafted too high. That’s not his fault. However, we will continue to refer to him as bust-in-waiting. As you might have noticed, lots of players, coaches and media are assigned nicknames around here.

    As for credibility, we strive for the highest journalistic standards on JoeBucsFan.com. We source everything (with links) and publish corrections if we make an error, which doesn’t happen very often. Also, you could count on one hand the time we’ve written unsourced rumor stories or relied on anonymous sources.

  9. BigMacAttack Says:

    With the Offensive Line we have (less Wafflehouser) and these 2 new studs we have picked + Zuttah, the Bucs are Stacked. A big fairly agile 6′-6″ QB may be just what the Doctor ordered. Wait, we already have that in Leftwich. The Sticker Shock with Freeman is starting to wear off with me, and I think they got great value with the remaining picks to compensate for this one. I am starting to think this may work out. The problem is Raheem is a Box of Rocks. The OC & DC may just do it for us, if they can keep Raheem occupied with his Lego Blocks and Big Wheel.

  10. Mr. T Says:

    I’ll point out that Jagz was under Logan at ECU. They’ve worked together quite a bit in the last 20 years and have sent at least 4 QBs to the NFL (Ryan, Garrard, Jeff Blake, and Marcus Crandell). ..not bad for ECU and BC…

    I have all the faith that Logan could do a VERY good job should Jagz hit the exits.