Hear Joe On The Radio (And Internet)

April 29th, 2009

Joe has a busy radio day today.

First, Joe will appear with the czar of Tampa Bay electronic journalism, J.P. Peterson, at roughly 5:10 p.m. on “Happy Hour With J.P.” heard locally on WQYK-AM 1010. The show can also be heard online via the station’s website.

Then, not just satisfied with appearing on Sirius Howard 100, Joe will go national again. This time, Joe’s readers in Texas may hear him as he is scheduled to appear on KZNX-AM in Austin to chat with Geoff Ketchum and Chad Hasting on “The Drive,” roughly at 6:35 p.m. EST.

There, Joe plans to talk about Bucs third round draft pick out of the University of Texas, defensive tackle Roy Miller. The show can be heard online via the station’s website.

Sadly, from a bit of research, Joe learned it’s not likely former President George W. Bush will hear Joe, as the station’s signal loses some power late in the afternoon.

4 Responses to “Hear Joe On The Radio (And Internet)”

  1. e2 Says:

    Looking fwd to hearing you on Happy Hour Joe… Seems that Me, Yourself, JP, & Mike Peppers have been having the same convo about Freeman… Just know that I love the site my friend, but we have creative differences as fans and both just want the best for our team. I’ll never stop coming to the site, greatest thing since sliced bread ( as a bucs fan )!!

    have fun on the show!!


  2. admin Says:


    THANK YOU very much for the kind words.

    Hey, all of us want to see Raheem lifting the Vince Lombardi Trophy next February. All of us (Joe believes) are rabid Bucs fans and can’t get enough news of the Bucs.

    That’s why this site exists, to bring Bucs fans whatever Joe can find about the Bucs, good, bad or indifferent… and to have a little fun too.

  3. CarmenJr Says:

    Not bad on JP, Joe. some people here take this site way to seriously. Hope you don’t add message boards and just keep it like this

  4. Joe Says:

    Hi Carmen:

    Thanks for the compliments.

    No, not planning on adding message boards. This is a blog. Each post provides readers an opportunity to fire away.

    Joe is planning on featuring more live chats. Those seem to be pretty popular, and Joe enjoys them as well.

    Joe hopes to have some really cool bells and whistles that he is negotiating with third parties to pull off here in 2009.