Happy Easter To All!

April 12th, 2009

Joe wishes all his loyal readers a Happy Easter! The Easter Bunny himself brought Byron Leftwich, although a dozen Cadbury eggs might have been better.

Joe would like to wish a hearty Happy Easter to all of his loyal readers and visitors and hope everyone is enjoying the day off.

It seems Mark Dominik went Easter egg hunting this morning and found himself a quarterback. As a result, it’s been a busy day thus far for Joe. He doesn’t mind, though.

Just a reminder to all that Joe is now on Twitter and readers can keep up with all the breaking news on JoeBucsFan.com through Joe’s Twitter account.

And if readers would be so kind, if periodically when visiting the site if you could take a brief moment to check out the advertisers, Joe would very much appreciate it.

Again, Happy Easter, and Joe hopes you and your family enjoy the day!

Now Joe is going to go to Harvey’s 4th Street Grill in St. Petersburg (get it: Easter… bunnies… Harvey’s) for an Easter brunch. Joe may even raise a glass of champagne in the anticipation that Son of Bob may not be throwing interceptions for the Bucs any longer.

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