Son Of Bob On Thin Ice

April 12th, 2009
The signing of Byron Leftwich may be the beginning of the end for Son of Bob with the Bucs.

The signing of Byron Leftwich may be the beginning of the end for Son of Bob with the Bucs.

Joe will try to be objective here and is really trying to put his emotions aside and think clearly, though it’s tough for him not to engage in a little bit of wishful thinking.

Joe believes the signing of Leftwich is the beginning of the end of Son of Bob with the Bucs. It just stands to reason.

Remember, Son of Bob was signed to a crazy contract by the Bruce Almighty/Chucky regime. Already Mark Dominik and Raheem The Dream have shown no sense of loyalty to players signed by the previous administration, and frankly they shouldn’t. Bruce Almighty is gone and Chucky is left to work out of his bunker at the Ice Palace turning down job offers for college offensive coordinator positions or Division II gigs.

Griese made over $4 million last year which is a slap in the face to any sober Bucs season ticket holder. That contract is partially why fans have to cough up $8 beers. And for what, so Son of Bob can throw four interceptions a game? Please.

Leftwich has his drawbacks to be sure. He has such a long delivery that if he was pitching in baseball Joe would be able to steal bases on him right and left even with Joe’s beergut.

But last year playing with the Steelers on the road against the Redskins after Ben Roethlisberger got hurt, Leftwich saved the Steelers.

Leftwich also put up some decent numbers for the Steelers last year.

If Joe was Son of Bob’s agent, he’d start calling some UFL teams. Remember Son of Bob has been nowhere to be found in the offseason at One Buc Palace. No matter the excuse for his absence, coaches have long memories about this.

One Response to “Son Of Bob On Thin Ice”

  1. MTM Says:

    It a shame that we are talking about “Son of Bob” and Leftwich and not about some up and coming rookie QB’s in the league that are available.
    It is a glaring problem with the NFL and the QB position. When terams are willing to pull old QB’s off couches instead of trying to put in rookies aand give them a chance.
    What is the worst that could happen. You lose with a rookie. Instead of losing with a veteran. Who didn’t throw a pick. Or complete 4 passes.
    Somebody needs to open an offseason QB camp for the NFL. There just seem to be no choices ever.