Examining Sgt. Winslow’s Contract

April 12th, 2009

Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of ProFootballTalk.com discusses the pros and cons of Sgt. Winslow’s obscene contract from Bucs general manager Mark Dominik.

3 Responses to “Examining Sgt. Winslow’s Contract”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    OMG! Did he just say, ‘You’ve got to wonder about other factors involved here as well…”?

    Come on just blurt it out man – CASH FLOW PROBLEM THANKS TO MANCHESTER U!

    Personally I LIKE no signing bonuses and upfront money. Look at how the Giants got stuck with Plexaco. How about the 49’ers and Alex Smith. I could go on and on but signing bonuses in the NFL – let’s get rid of them in the next CBA shall we?

    2. Guarenteed contracts. Isn’t that the norm in BASEBALL? You know that wimpy sport where players get paid LOTS more than the real athletes in football? So do the Yankees have a cash flow problem? How about the Red Sox?

    3. Incentives. We need MORE of this in players contracts and not just for TD’s, etc., How about for team wins/blocks/tackles on special teams, etc., Or how about this idea team profit sharing plans? Maybe then some of these players would do more team promotional events because it helps sell their team merchandise and fill those empty seats.

    4. With regard to Winslow’s injury. Maybe with a yearly guarentee kellen won’t be “afraid” to block or go over the middle because with other contracts if you get hurt during the game – POOF there goes your income. So maybe instead of giving 100% all the time a player might only give 95% and NOT stretch it out on that one play (3rd and 9 in the red zone).

    Just some thoughts. I know I’m expectiing some BIG numbers from Winslow this year but I’m not ready to put him into my fantasy top 5.

  2. RickL Says:

    First time commenter. Really enjoy the site. Mr. Lucky, No. 4 here is a GREAT point, one I’ve been making for years. I think the guaranteed money will have a major positive effect on Winslow. The guy was never a pussy, just stupid and money hungry. This deal should satisfy him all around and make him play 100 percent full tilt. I like it. Now he can play like a soldier. LOL

  3. MTM Says:

    Overpay a player who hasn’t even palyed a down for you. Gee I wonder why “Man Goo” is bleeding money so bad. Great decision making. Let check. The IR list of free agents we can sign with all this cap money still left.