The Dream Trying To Revive Stovall

April 12th, 2009
Raheem The Dream has a new project: Maurice Stovall.

Raheem The Dream has a new project: Maurice Stovall.

Good to read on the Bucs’ official Web site that Raheem The Dream is trying to light a fire under wide receiver Maurice Stovall.

Joe likes the move.

Stovall, just 24 years old, has a big body and good hands. He’s proven himself on special teams, but maybe this is the year he stops getting injured and fulfills the potential that Jeff Garcia and others openly raved about.

Raheem The Dream says he recently has called Stovall out before his teammates. He apparently wants him to emerge as the Bucs No. 3 wide receiver.

“Maurice Stovall is motivated to be great, so you’ve got to motivate and stimulate him with the things he can do that are really good, and you’ve got to make him do those things consistently,” said Morris. “That’s what I’m trying to do with Maurice Stovall right now. He’s one of the guys I’m challenging a little bit and I think he’s got a chance to be great. He’s got to want it, he’s got to believe it and he’s got to go do it. That’s what we’re talking about right now with Mo.”

Word on the street is The Dream is a great motivator and teacher. Stovall, a guy with great talent, likely had few, if any, dealings with The Dream previously.

Joe will raise a cold Yuengling tonight to toast the effort to revive Stovall. If successful, this could be a great accomplishment for The Dream.

One Response to “The Dream Trying To Revive Stovall”

  1. MTM Says:

    Aaah! Stovall talk. It like Gruden never left. I can just here the praise now. Insert Gruden training camp B.S. ritual here.
    Then comes opening day. And Stovall is know where to be found on the offense.
    Next up Josh Johnson and how he can win the starting spot.

    Why don’t the Glazers hire Tony Robbins to be their publicity whore. Tony can shine terds better than anybody.