Bucs Nearing Long Term Deal With Bryant

April 12th, 2009
Antonio Bryant has officially gone from his couch to a near eight-figure income in 18 months. Joe should be so fortunate.

Antonio Bryant has officially gone from his couch to a near eight-figure income in 18 months. More cash could be on the way soon, reports Pro Football Weekly.

Hey, if you can throw $20 million of guaranteed money to Sgt. Winslow, then surely Antonio Bryant is worthy of similar coin.

Longtime NFL scribe Dan Parr, of Pro Football Weekly, is reporting the Bucs have made a long term deal with Bryant a priority.

We hear that next up for GM Mark Dominik, who is looking to take advantage of the team’s favorable cap situation by locking up Tampa Bay’s key players for the long term, could be hammering out a new contract for WR Antonio Bryant. After initially expressing his frustration about receiving the Bucs’ franchise tag, Bryant lowered his tone and is participating in Tampa’s offseason program, but a new deal could come his way in the next few months, according to sources.

As Joe stated during his appearance last week on the Ron and Ian Show, on The Sports Animal, Antonio Bryant and his agent must have hit the ceiling when the Winslow contract extension was reported. 

Bryant’s been longing for a long term deal (because nearly $10 million guaranteed in 2009 will barely support his family). And he’s obviously proved himself in pewter and red.

2 Responses to “Bucs Nearing Long Term Deal With Bryant”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    Proved himself in Pewter & Red?

    Well compared to Winslow yes – BUT that was only one season.

    $10 million today isn’t what it used to be….Bryant’s family has expensive taste and with those tax cuts implemented by Bushie not getting renewed by the current administration Bryant’s $10 million will be more like $6 million net.

    The poor guy – makes me sad to see him not getting paid what he DESERVES!

  2. MTM Says:

    I sure would hate to try and figure out. How I can live off of 6 million dollars a year. Man lifes a bitch!