Sometimes Losing Is Good

March 13th, 2009

Many times prior to free agency, Joe had posted about his reservations about the Bucs signing defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

Joe breathed a sigh of relief when Danny Snyder played grown up fantasy football (again) and threw wads of cash at Haynesworth.

Well, Mike Florio, the creator, curator and overall guru of explains why Joe was scared off by Haynesworth.

6 Responses to “Sometimes Losing Is Good”

  1. JK Says:

    You can say what you want about Snyder but you can’t deny that all he wants to do is win a championship. He’s not like our ownership. Pinching the head off pennys. I know just about everyone wants the Glazers to be careful. I could care less. Who does cap space benefit the most? It sure as hell isn’t you and me that’s for sure. The only time they went out on a line and spent some serious cash on personel was when they traded for Coach Gruden. Never a splash player. Not one financial risk. Give me Snyder any day because I know what he wants to do. Win championships. I wonder if that’s the Glazers goal.

  2. Joe Says:

    >>> You can say what you want about Snyder but you can’t deny that all he wants to do is win a championship. <<<

    No question JK, but one would think an intelligent man like Snyder would have figured out by now playing fantasy football with an NFL budget is not the way to go about it unless — here’s a shock — you are only concerned with sellouts and gear sales.

    There are few owners that are more tight-fisted penny pinchers than the Rooney family. Rarely do the Steelers have successive down years and often they advance to the AFC title game if not a Super Bowl.

    Jerry Jones is another example of playing fantasy football on the NFL level. How far has that gotten him recently?

    Parcells, the Rooneys, the Mara family, the Packers, to name a few teams, have proven time and again it’s not how big of a budget an owner has to play with, but how good a team’s scouting department is.

  3. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey JK are you a politician? You really don’t have a problem spending other people’s money do you?

    Sure it’s about winning – from a fan’s perspective. From an owner’s perspective its about turning a profit as well.

    Forget football for a second and look at baseball. How many big name, “splash” signing do the Yankees have…A-roid for one. Nevertheless the lowly Rays were in the World Series and just think A-roid makes more than all the Rays COMBINED.

    Snyder made a mistake with Haynesworth – too much money for the amount of time he’ll actually be on the field playing and not pacing the sideline hurt.

    When the Bucs won the SuperBowl it wasn’t splash names but good talent and CHEMISTRY that helped them gel. Look at New England. How many “splash players” do they have? (Except for Moss and Brady)? But year in and year out (since Belicheck) they’ve been in the hunt.

    It’s not all about the bling and “splashiness”.

    As for being under the cap by a large amount – good for the Glazers – who knows maybe after the draft we may trade for Peppers! Think of the splash THAT would make!

  4. Mr Lucky Says:

    Hey Joe – speaking of losing something what about the monthly Camella pics? I miss Jeff already – well at least his BETTER 1/2

  5. JK Says:

    Mr Lucky, The day the Glazers aquire a player in trade of Peppers ability I’ll take my hat off to them. However I don’t think they will give what’s required. By your own admission New England has two “splash” players. How many do we have? If it wasn’t for franchising players we wouldn’t have Antonio Bryant would we?
    As for bring the Yankees and Cowboys into the mix as Joe mentioned, I’m with you. I can’t stand either team or their owners. For that matter I don’t know much for Snyder except what I read in the paper or on line. I do know this though. Their franchises are multiple world champions. I would wager with anyone right now that all of those teams will win championships again before the Bucs do. Don’t get me wrong. I’m Buccaneers all the way since about 1978. I hope I’m wrong but the Glazers are starting to remind me of a modern day version of Hugh Culverhouse. One last thing, do you really think the Rays will compete year end and year out. The Yankees do. Why? Because their is no salary cap in baseball and ownership spends whatever it has to spend to TRY and win CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!!!!

  6. Mr Lucky Says:

    JK – with regard to the Rays competing with the Yanks year in and out – Heck no! Maybe this year but in the long run most of the Rays young players will seek out the higher paychecks with teams like the Red Socks and Yankees so yes I agree with you on that.

    On the Glazers becoming like the Culverhouse’s I don’t think so. Do you think Culverhouse would have even slapped the franchise tag on Bryant? I personally think that was a mistake and we’re overpaying Antonio in 2009 but I’m happy he’s here.

    Remember the training facility with the Culverhouse team? I’ve seen High Schools with better facilities now One Buc Place is palacial so much that the Bucs will hold their training camp there – about time!

    Remember how the Bucs “splurged” for Keyshawn? I believe Key was instrumental in helping Gruden get that Super Bowl ring.

    Only time will tell but I think Danny Snyder is nothing more than a young Al Davis