Oh, Canada! Bucs Might Play In Toronto

March 23rd, 2009

If NFL.com’s Vic Carucci is to be believed, the Bucs are one of the leading teams to play the Bills in Toronto this season. If true, it would make the second game of the 2009 that the Bucs will play on foreign soil.

The Bucs will also play New England in London.

On his NFL.com blog, Carucci writes that the Bucs and Saints are the leading contenders to play the Bills in Toronto.

The Colts clearly were one of the biggest-drawing cards on the Bills’ schedule because of their marquee quarterback, Peyton Manning, and consistent success. However, the NFL appears to be leaning more strongly in the direction of choosing an NFC team, such as the Buccaneers (who have yet to settle on a starting quarterback) or perhaps the New Orleans Saints, who have Pro Bowler Drew Brees under center. At least one other unknown team is believed to be on the short list.

Most fans who regularly attend games at Ralph Wilson Stadium aren’t at all happy about any regular-season Bills games being played elsewhere, but based on sports-talk radio chatter and other feedback, they would be less bothered if that game involved a non-conference opponent. The prevailing feeling in Western New York was that facing the Miami Dolphins last season in Toronto’s Rogers Centre, which has a retractable roof that was closed, nullified the Bills’ bad-weather advantage in December. And there has been plenty of buzz among Buffalo fans that the Colts, as an indoor team, would also feel too cozy in the Rogers Centre.

Though playing in Toronto (in a dome) will be better than potentially playing in Buffalo in December, Joe still considers it an outrage that the NFL took away a Bucs home game to be played in the NFL hotbed that is London, England.

One Response to “Oh, Canada! Bucs Might Play In Toronto”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    What is going on with playing games OUTSIDE the US??????

    I abhore playing in London and that’s a HOME GAME for Tampa – that s$#@% (except for the owners) Hey will Tampa wear Manchester United uniforms for that game?

    Now as for Toronto and Buffalo – I’d rather play in the dome but STILL stop the maddness will ya NFL?

    Maybe the Texans should just play in Mexico City or maybe New Orleans can go down under the next time a Katrina-like storm hits right?

    Geez give LA a chance and play there NOT LONDON/TORONTO!!!!