Bucs Won’t Get Cutler?

March 23rd, 2009

In his weekly “Monday Morning Quarterback” column on SI.com, Peter King suggests the Bucs won’t get the quarterback they nearly acquired a few weeks ago: Denver signal-caller Jay Cutler.

Why? Because, King states, Cutler won’t be traded.

That’s my feeling after talking to the involved parties for a (insert shameless plug here) Sports Illustrated story this week. Now, I can’t say with conviction that Cutler’s going to be the Broncos’ opening day starter, but I do think coach Josh McDaniels will exhaust every avenue to try to get Cutler to stay, and I do think nothing’s going to happen here. Funny thing is, around the lobby and meeting rooms, I couldn’t find any coach who thought the Broncos should even think of trading Cutler.

“Say you’re the Broncos, and Tampa Bay offers you two ones [two first-round picks] plus [second-year quarterback] Josh Johnson for Cutler,” one NFC coach told me. “Denver makes the deal and picks a quarterback with one of the ones. You’ve traded the best young quarterback in football for two guys who might have a chance, but might be washouts too. Denver’s problem is they could never get fair value for him.”

Joe’s contention is that, unless the Bucs find a third partner, the Bucs don’t have enough collateral to trade for Cutler. If Josh Johnson was all that (so Bucs insiders claim) then what’s the need for Cutler? If Luke McCown is so talented (as so many Bucs suggest) then what’s the need for Cutler?

Or is the hype machine for McCown and Johnson more of a con job?

One Response to “Bucs Won’t Get Cutler?”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    The ‘hype machine’ for Luke & Josh is a con job?

    Well to tell the truth no one knows. I mean Josh only appeared in pre-games at mop up time and Luke had some good outings in 2007 but Chucky cut Luke out of the loop last year – preferring to go with Griese.

    The only ones who know for sure are the QB’s coaches and to be honest even then practice isn’t live game.

    Given how most people think the value for Cutler is just too high. If the Bucs defense were solid (which I don’t believe for a moment) and all we [Tampa Bay] needed was a QB then it might make sense.

    In the preposed deal where Cassell went to Denver, Cutler came here and New England got our draft picks – that was a fair deal for all teams involved.

    Let’s be honest folks the Bucs are rebuilding and the first step is a good and solid ground game – hence the addition of Derrick Ward and Winslow. Get a QB who can manage a game, doesn’t make mistakes and you go a long way to controlling the clock and being close.

    From the limited times I saw Luke play I believe he can do the job and that giving up the draft pick(s) would be too detrimental to the Bucs.