Joey Galloway Talks About Bucs Departure

March 23rd, 2009

Former Bucs wide receiver Joey Galloway was a guest on Sirius NFL Radio’s “The Blitz” Monday with co-hosts Adam Schein and Solomon Wilcots. While most of the questions were about Galloway’s new team the New England Patriots, Schein and Wilcots did pepper Galloway with questions about his stay with the Bucs and the circumstances leading to his departure.

Adam Schein: What was your relationship like with Jon Gruden?

Joey Galloway: My relationship with Gruden was the least of the [issues] with the Bucs. Things were looking good for us and [the playoffs] didn’t happen. Everyone was disappointed. I never focused on what was going on with me and coach Gruden. I was focused on getting one more win to get to the playoffs.

The relationship with me and coach Gruden and the organization, it seemed like everything was falling apart around us and it all ended badly. Guys lost their jobs. Guys are not with the organization any longer. That’s where things ended badly.

AS: Were there distractions?

JG: Yeah, there were distractions. I truly think we were the same team (as 2007) but there were issues. When we were winning, well, winning makes things better. You can look past problems and issues. I think when we got to the last four games and the problems and issues that were there all along became magnified. They surfaced.

Yeah, there were problems in Week 2, Week 3, Week 6 but it was in Week 12 and 13 and 14 when the wheels fell off.

There were quarterback issues and not with Jeff Garcia.

A lot of guys felt they were not handled the right way and that is one of the MO’s with coach Gruden. People were complaining about the way they were handled and that was one issue that came back to bite us.

A lot of people were disgruntled and when we needed to come together as a team there were guys who didn’t trust guys and that makes the transition to be able to pull together tough.

Solomon Wilcots: Were you surprised you were let go?

JG: No, but I was more surprised with Derrick Brooks being let go. I was more surprised at other moves.

[The Bucs] would not call my agent back. With my productivity last year, it’s not surprising they let me go. I think it worked out well for both of us.

AS: Will Gruden coach in the NFL again?

JG: I think he will. He is a great offensive mind. Guys get fired and things go bad but they resurface. He has way too much knowledge and way too much experience not to coach again.

SW: Who should have been quarterback?

JG: Depends which week. Depends on what week. That was one area that was very interesting. Not any one guy was happy with what happened.

SW: How did the huddle respond?

JG: I think it will always be difficult to play with three different quarterbacks. Part of being a professional is no matter who is the quarterback you have to do your job to the best of your ability whether it’s coaching decisions or injuries, there will always be change. You never have the same 11 week to week.

AS: Are you surprised Garcia is still available?

JG: He is dealing with the same situation with age and people will be wondering if you can still play. Teams think they can get a different guy in the draft. He is a tremendous competitor. Things will work out.

SW: Will Derrick Brooks find work?

JG: That’s another situation which will take time to get done. I don’t know where he will play but he will play. There’s a guy who has way too much knowledge not to play. I think he will surprise people with how much he has left.

AS: Are you surprised Michael Clayton re-signed with the Bucs?

JG: I’m not surprised. He is a guy who will compete and will do whatever he is asked to do. He didn’t have good numbers but anyone around him will tell you what kind of a competitor he is and he is by far the most physical receiver in the running game I have ever played for.

AS: What is Antonio Bryant like?

JG: He is a tremendous talent. I have played with him in Dallas and in Tampa. He is tremendously talented and a high energy guy on game day. You love the way he wants to compete and brings it on game day.

4 Responses to “Joey Galloway Talks About Bucs Departure”

  1. Mr Lucky Says:

    Interesting interview and professional – Joey didn’t throw anyone under the bus as too many do nowadays. Thanks for bringing this out Joe – job well done

  2. Sargeant Mike Says:

    Certainly a professional beyond anything else. Have a great year Joey!

  3. quackers Says:

    Is he really so professional? I’m not so sure.

    One thing that was always interesting to me last year was against the Chiefs when Galloway dropped a ball in his gut and then disappeared. Later that game Michael Bennett got a carry on the goal line and failed. If either of those guys had success on either of those plays the whole season might have been different.

  4. MTM Says:

    Stay classy Galloway !!