Condi Rice Won’t Let Bucs Have Cutler

March 25th, 2009

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels is of the belief former Secretary of State Condi Rice is not a Bucs fan. As a result, he's not trading quarterback Jay Cutler to the Bucs, so claims columnist Peter King via the NFL Network.

If the Bucs do not end up with disgruntled and almost-Bucs quarterback Jay Cutler barking signals at the CITS, Bucs fans can blame Condi Rice.

The former Secretary of State and admitted NFLaholic, Rice spoke at the owners meetings this week in California and told the assembled they should not react to blaring headlines of the day.

Hearing Rice, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels believes she was speaking to him, in so many words. columnist Peter King revealed this via the NFL Network.

King describes the séance Rice put McDaniels in with great detail.

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