Chucky Taking College Job Is Nonsense

March 25th, 2009

Via, Joe learned the Dayton Daily News reports Chucky nearly took a job at — with apologies to T.K. Wetherell — some dipshit school.

A higher institute of learning in Ohio known as Central State University nearly landed Chucky as its head coach.

Yeah, and Joe woke up this morning with Marisa Miller draped all over him.

The school’s athletic director, Kellen Winslow, Sr. (that’s right, Sgt. Winslow’s old man), claims he first offered the job to Chucky before finally settling on former All-Pro and Alabama stud E.J. Junior.

Winslow said his first phone call about the job opening went to former Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden, the former University of Dayton quarterback, who Winslow said seriously considered the opportunity. Afterward, Winslow searched through about 80 submitted resumes.

If true, Joe finds it interesting the two leading candidates were Chucky and a guy who did time for coke.

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