Brooks To Play At The CITS… In Black And Gold?

March 25th, 2009
Steve Wyche of claims former Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks will play for the Saints in 2009.

Steve Wyche of claims former Bucs linebacker Derrick Brooks would be a good fit for the Saints in 2009

Joe is still peeved at Bucs general manager Mark Dominik for kicking one of the greatest Bucs of all time and still a productive player, Derrick Brooks, to the curb.

And this nightmare of seeing Brooks suit up for another team just might get downright ugly if Steve Wyche of is correct.

Brooks, so Wyche claims, could again suit up at the CITS in front of Bucs fans.

But in the black and gold colors of the New Orleans Saints.


Brooks, (35 next month), said he would like to play at least one more year and that he is exploring his options, which include retirement. Brooks would have to find the ideal system where he could continue to play an effective role off the line of scrimmage. With more teams switching to a 3-4 scheme, his options could be limited. As horrible as it would be for Buccaneers followers, NFC South rival New Orleans might be a solid fit.

This would be a outrage beyond words, like rubbing salt in an open wound, or worse, like being forced to listen to those dime store has-been chicken wing waitresses on local radio in the afternoon without the aid of a bottle of Bushmills.

C’mon Dominik, do the right thing: Swallow your pride and get Brooks back for his final NFL year.

If Brooks does take the field in Tampa for the Saints and does anything at all against the Bucs, Joe will NEVER forgive Dominik.

One Response to “Brooks To Play At The CITS… In Black And Gold?”

  1. MTM Says:

    I guess nobody told the Saints that Brooks is washed up. It would suck to see him in another uniform. But the bucs could still fix the situation if they want to.