Don’t Get On This Bus

March 23rd, 2009
Negotiating with this man is a bad omen, writes analyst Bob Fox

Negotiating with this man is a bad omen, writes analyst Bob Fox

By BOB FOX analyst

A seasoned, professional football writer, Bob Fox sounds off at on all things Bucs and NFL.

As someone who has covered the Green Bay Packers for years, let me warn the Bucs: Do not acquire quarterback Jay Cutler from the Denver Broncos.

The reason? Cutler’s agent, Bus Cook.
There is no question that Cutler has a ton of ability. However, he also has only a 17-20 record in the NFL as a starter, and he and the Broncos had a monumental collapse last season. Sound familiar Bucs fans? Surely you recall the Bucs’ late season fade in 2008.
Cutler has a great arm and he led a very productive offense. But he has displayed lapses of judgment and immaturity. And, like Brett Favre, Cutler has allowed the presence of Cook to overshadow so much of his on-field achievements.
The Packers and Favre had poor communication through the last few years Favre was with the team.

The Favre camp tried to assign blame to general manager Ted Thompson. But for me, a much bigger factor to me was the meddling presence of Cook.

Don’t believe me? Look at the recent blog entry by Greg A. Bedard from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Somewhere Bus Cook’s ears are ringing.

 “I understand Jay (Cutler)’s feelings got hurt, but it’s too bad it has got to where it is,” John Elway said. “I wish Jay would have got some better advice from whoever he was getting advice from.”  And several people at 1265 Lombardi are saying, ‘Amen, brother.’

Bedard also references columnist Don Banks, who wrote about how Bus Cook also was front and center in high-profile controversies surrounding clients Steve McNair and Brett Favre.

Another echo from the past that has reminded some of Favre’s stance last summer has been Cutler’s refusal to meet with his new head coach, McDaniels, without Cook in the room, or on the phone, at the same time. Packers general manager Ted Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy have privately maintained that they felt Cook poisoned the relationship between Favre and the Packers decision-makers. Broncos sources say the same dynamic is in place regarding how Cutler feels about the new power structure of McDaniels and Xanders in Denver.

Again, there is no question about Cutler’s ability. But with Cutler, comes Cook. 

And I saw how badly that movie ended once before.

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