Don Banks Not Drinking “The Dream” Kool-Aid

February 11th, 2009
Joe hopes The Dream can point the Bucs in the right direction this season. It wont be easy.

Joe hopes The Dream can point the Bucs in the right direction. It won't be easy.

Former Bucs beat writer and current columnist Don Banks isn’t exactly jumping for joy over the Bucs hiring Raheem The Dream. Banks recently wrote a column on how he thinks each of the NFL’s 11 new coaches will fare in 2009.

Let’s just say Banks isn’t sold on The Dream. Like “The Pessimist,” Banks thinks the comparisons of The Dream to former Bucs defensive backs coach and Super Bowl-winning coach Mike Tomlin is a stretch.

And while it has been oft-mentioned that the 32-year-old Morris conjures up comparisons to Super Bowl-winning Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin, there are more than a few areas in which the similarities break down.

For starters, Tomlin took over a perennial winner with a proven personnel department, one of the finest defensive assistants in NFL history in coordinator Dick LeBeau, a young and talented Super Bowl-winning quarterback in Ben Roethlisberger, and one of the most respected and successful ownership families in the Rooneys. Add in the loyal and absolutely rabid fan base of the Steelers and you have a tremendous head start on winning.

Suffice to say Morris doesn’t have quite that combination going for him. In fact, some league sources I talked to this week describe the Bucs as being in disarray at the moment, and wonder if Morris has been given much of a chance to succeed with a team that’s getting old defensively. “The problems there [in Tampa Bay] run deeper than people understand,” said one league source. “I almost feel sorry for Morris, because he’s going to be under a tremendous amount of pressure in making that transition to head coach. It won’t be easy.”

Joe wholeheartedly agrees with “The Pessimist” and Banks in that comparing The Dream to Tomlin borders on outrageous. Look, Joe is totally in The Dream’s corner and like any Bucs fan hopes he does well. Joe hopes the gamble the Glazer Boys took on The Dream pays off.

One Response to “Don Banks Not Drinking “The Dream” Kool-Aid”

  1. JK Says:

    Joe, it won’t matter how bad the Bucs are next year. The majority of the fans and media writers got their way when the Glazers fired Gruden. They will not admit their wrong the first year. If we falter next year the all knowing local media will blame it on the quarterback. I’ve followed the Bucs since their inception into the league and it’s time to blame it on the quarterback again. Run McCown off and he can get his ring on another team after the Glazers spend their money and time to get him ready.