Paul Finebaum Is An Asswipe

February 11th, 2009
Theres a reason why this asswipe cant get a job outside of Alabama.

There's a reason why this asswipe can't get a job outside of Alabama.

Before Joe really goes off on his rant (sit down and take a deep breath because it will be good) he wants to make one thing perfectly clear:

Joe has nothing against the good people of Alabama.

Now that this is out of the way, buckle up:

Sometimes when a big fish in a small pond gets stagnant in his little cove of the fishing hole, his head grows just slightly larger than its proportion. This, in a nut shell, describes the mental patient on the loose walking the streets of Birmingham that is Paul Finebaum.

Let’s face it: If Finebaum, a radio personality and amateur columnist masquerading as a journalist for a paper in Mobile, was worth two bits he would have graduated to bigger and better things than polluting the public’s airwaves in Alabama. His recent missive, which indirectly is written about two former Bucs coaches, is Exhibit-A.

(Joe is embarrassed to even link to this nonsense, but fears a lawsuit from some unemployed public defender in Montgomery if he doesn’t.)

Finebaum is a disgrace to anyone who holds a journalism degree from an unaccredited college. In simple terms, his cue ball mugshot is found next to the word “hack” in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary (Eleventh Edition). In short, six of nine of his columns basically center around the same theme: Fire (insert coach).

Fire Mike Price… Fire Mark Gottfried… Fire Mike Shula… Fire Tommy Tuberville…

His latest asinine column states emphatically that the University of Tennessee should fire Lane Kiffin after not quite three months into a six-year contract that, if Kiffin is fired before the completion of the contact, the school (read: Tennessee taxpayers and university boosters) would owe him a reported $7.5 million.

Kiffin hasn’t even presided over his first spring practice and this empty head Finebaum thinks the taxpayers of Tennessee should cough up $7.5 million to can him. Maybe Finebaum thinks this buyout money will come from Obama’s stimulus package?

But wait, this gets much, much better (or sadder, depending on your point of view).

Sure, getting rid of Kiffin now would be unprecedented and expensive. However, I’m sure even Tennessee fans with a working brain would admit his career is DOA. Besides, Alabama dumped Mike Price in 2003 before he ever coached a game. But Price’s much-publicized encounter in Pensacola now seems tame compared to what “Lame” has done.

Background: Mike Price was canned by the University of Alabama as the school’s football coach just days after he was hired because he ran up a food/bar/hooker tab on a university credit card. What made the incident worse is that Price did this with a Pensacola call girl. Can you imagine?

So Lane Kiffin, who has been a bit outspoken as the Volunteers coach — nothing even remotely as bad as the smack Steve Spurrier used to spout — is a crime worse than a high-profile state employee using state money for hookers and booze?

Joe can’t consume enough Jameson to figure out just what twisted logic Finebaum is using there.

Here comes the kicker though:

Mike Hamilton, the embattled UT athletic director, should call him in, thank him for three months of (dis)service, hand him a blank check and direct him toward the door while gently placing a pacifier in his big mouth.

Later the same day, the school should formally introduce Jon Gruden as his replacement.


So let Joe get this straight: In Finebaum’s demented mind the Vols should fire a guy who talks a little bit — which, Joe might add the recruits LOVE — and hire a guy who hasn’t coached at any level of college above a grad assistant? Really!

Tennessee has another nationally respected figure in Bruce Pearl as well.

I suggest Finebaum do a cursory Google search on the name “Deon Thomas.” Joe never knew someone could break federal wiretapping laws and be considered “respected.” Respected by who, G. Gordon Liddy or Sandy Berger?

Gruden would be the perfect replacement. He is available and anxious, having just shockingly lost his job with the Tampa Bay Bucs.

Shocking to who? Someone who doesn’t have a clue to what they are writing about perhaps?

“His résumé is spectacular… “

So being two games over .500 in Chucky’s seven years in Tampa Bay is “spectacular?” So a record of 45-51 since Chucky’s first year is “spectacular?” So being tied for first in the NFC South with four games left and then missing the playoffs with four straight losses is “spectacular?” In what world? Shouldn’t someone pretending to be a columnist have just a slightly better grasp of vocabulary than a second grade student?

Besides, if UT delays, Gruden will get snapped up by Notre Dame…

And if Joe doesn’t delay, he’ll get snapped up by Jessica Alba. Hate to break this to Finebaum, but Notre Dame ain’t biting.

Let’s not forget that one of the Alabama coaches Finebaum led the charge for in running out of Tuscaloosa, Mike Shula, was better at developing quarterbacks than Chucky. How sad is that?

Gruden also has solid Tennessee connections, having been a graduate assistant for two years under John Majors. His wife, Cindy, was a UT cheerleader.

OK, by this twisted, narcotic-induced logic, if Joe somehow dropped the hammer on Jenn Sterger or Tiffany Simons, that means Joe would be in line to succeed Bobby Bowden? Or if Joe somehow hooked up with Jenn Brown that Joe would be working for Urban Meyer?

(Please forgive Joe for a brief moment of lustful fantasies.)

[Gruden] was also reportedly Tennessee’s top choice but showed no interest, believing his future was safe in Tampa where Kiffin’s father, Monte, was his defensive coordinator.

Hey Finebaum, you got a source on that or are you just throwing feces against the wall like you normally do? Not even an “A Tennessee insider told me… ?“

Oh, Joe might add that Bruce Almighty admitted that Monte Kiffin had told the Bucs hierarchy before the season he was leaving. And why exactly would Chucky leave a gig in his hometown for $5 million a year to take a job making roughly half that?

Another provoking thought: How did Chucky’s offense work at the college level with Bill Callahan at Nebraska? Anyone? Bueller?

Look, Joe quit reading Finebaum years ago because the guy was clueless to what he was writing about. Joe suggests any reasoned, sane, literate football fan do the same.

Anyone who writes such moronic, unsourced, ill-researched tripe shouldn’t have his scalp that screams for Rogaine gracing anything above a neighborhood weekly grocery rag much less be credentialed to cover any sporting event above a preseason Little League game in Dothan, Ala.

And people wonder why newspapers are in trouble?

In short, Finebaum’s screed may be the most irresponsible column Joe has ever read.

41 Responses to “Paul Finebaum Is An Asswipe”

  1. Dave Says:

    Now that’s why I come to this site.

  2. Wayne Says:

    Thank you my friend! Finally someone in the media who gives the douche Slimebomb his just desserts. That imbecile does nothing but pander to his legions of incoherent mindless fans. Anything he says without any proof instantly becomes gospel in their eyes. One of the most hilarious things about Slimebomb is his hypocrisy. During an interview he goes off about the Kiffin vs. Meyer situation and says that Kiffin should check and make sure something is true and quit slandering. Despite numerous other examples to cite, I will use this one. 2 min later Slimebomb tells the entire nation TN has been cheating for 25 years with absolutely no proof. And he’s such a dumbass he doesn’t even get it…

  3. DaveH Says:

    Well done. Finebaum has been properly roasted. He is ready to be taken out of the oven.

  4. GregB Says:

    You, sir, have earned a new fan. Finally a true and well written look into the life of a true asswhipe.

  5. FinebaumH8R Says:

    What a surprise. Another loser with a blog looking to make a name for himself by going after someone who’s jock he couldn’t hold. When you get to be as popular as Finebaum, maybe you won’t have to rely on a two cent blog to get your ideas out to the few that listen to what you have to say.

  6. AW Says:

    Thanks Joe.

    Narrow minded bama fans love this guy which says absolutely everything we really need to know about this db.

    But thanks for clarifying a bit more for the idiots in tuscaloosa that know little outside the boundaries of bear bryant’s grave site.

  7. Jack Williams Says:

    Finally, someone gets exactly what Kiffin has been trying to do….that is to unite the UT fans by stirring some controversy. If it pisses off some other schools in the process, screw them. The UT program needed a kick in the butt, and that is exactly what Kiffin did. He created an “us against them mentality” and it has generated more buzz about UT football than I can ever remember since the 98 championship. Finebaum obviously does not have a clue about the UT fanbase. It is stronger than ever, partly because of our belief in Kiffin, and because of idiotic so-called journalists like Finebaum. For that, I thank you Mr. Finebaum. For you Joebucksfan, I thank you for the new moniker. From now on, I will only refer to Mr Finebaum as Mr Asswipe. Should I hyphenate his last name? I just want to make sure I use proper English for such a fine last name.

  8. admin Says:

    FinebaumH&R – Joe thinks it’s funny that you called him a loser. Thanks for being one of the roughy 100,000 who will visit in February. We appreciate your patronage.

  9. Jonesy Says:

    Thanks for being one more soldier in the fight against this insufferable asshole. His entire function is to pander to moron bammers, then say one bad thing about bammer a week just to keep them on their toes.

  10. Joe Says:

    Thanks for the compliments guys. By all means pass the link to this post around to your friends. If Finebaum actually wrote for a reputable newspaper, he’d be suspended if not fired for a column with so many holes and errors.

    FinebaumH8R Says:

    Please feel free to point out any inaccuracies in Joe’s post. Finebaum’s column, as Joe has detailed, is full of them. If the price for being unpopular is relaying correct information, Joe will choose to be unpopular.

  11. adperr Says:

    I’m pretty sure no buyout money comes from tax dollars. The athletic deptartment uses booster donations and revenue from events to pay coaches salaries. It has been that way for quite awhile. Bu

  12. GoodRead Says:

    The only people that enjoy anything Finebaum, are usually UA sidewalk fans, whom you could sale dog shit if it had a houndstooth texture and script “A” on.

  13. aidensgrandpa Says:

    Hi, I would just like to say that Slimebum is another example of a homer newspaper hack for Alabama. He, IMO, has no intelligence in reporting sports information. He is merely a hack writer who throws s hit on the wall just to get reader’s attention. There are many like him in the newspaper business but he is the best example I have seen

  14. SECfan Says:


    AW says:

    “Thanks Joe.

    Narrow minded bama fans love this guy which says absolutely everything we really need to know about this db.

    But thanks for clarifying a bit more for the idiots in tuscaloosa that know little outside the boundaries of bear bryant’s grave site.”

    Finebaum graduated from Tennessee. I think he knows something outside the boundaries of tuscaloosa and bammer……..

  15. MG Money Says:

    BOOM! Roasted.

  16. David Says:

    Thanks. I sometimes wondered if I was the only person in Alabama that saw Finebaum for what he really is – Nothing.

  17. Buck Futt Says:

    “In short, Finebaum’s screed may be the most irresponsible column Joe has ever read.”

    You clearly haven’t read any of his previous columns–and if so, good for you.

  18. Sleeper Says:

    SlimeBaumBammer is pitiful, disgusting, and arrogant. He is the mouthpiece of the bama nation and is a paid for hack jobs on any and all of the red necks competition. He is a worm of epic proportions who slanders and slimes without accountability. I repeat he is PAID to play this game for the crimpson turds. Who will step up and find the truth about his financial rewards system for hyping everything alabama and trashing everything that isn’t? Finebaum has scars on his knees from looking up to nick…….u know what i mean.

  19. Levi Says:

    Sounds to me that FinebaumH8R is probably PF himself…..he can’t take critizism nor can his buddies Fakenberry or Brando. Even when the statements that are made against them are true.

  20. Joe Sucks Says:

    Looks like poor Joe has had his feelings hurt by Mr. Finebaum. Hey Joe your 100,000 and 1 –> me who visit this site still don’t even compare to numbers Finebaum piles up. Ever occur to you that maybe his outrageous and over the top comments and articles could be to get… wait for it.. wait for it…. RATINGS… You F*&^G MORON.

  21. Jeremy Says:

    For your info, Finebaum is a Tennessee grad…Before you idiots go spewing off at the mouth about shit you don’t even know about, you need to learn the facts… If you knew the facts then you would know that Finebaum is not an Alabama homer, he stirs the pot with every school he can.. He tries to get as big an uproar as he can with his radio show and articles….He has you guys talking about him so he is doing what he wants…Thanks for making him even bigger than he already was…Dumbasses!!!!!!!

  22. paulLOVESnick Says:

    Hey Jeremy:
    Finebaum may have graduated from UT, but any moron listening to his show knows that he has a serious man-crush on Napoleon Nick. A degree from UAT isn’t requirement for someone to be a Bammer. In fact, very few Bammers have a degree (at all). Finebaum is definitely a Bammer! Just listen to his show without your Crimson-colored ear phones.

  23. roundeye11 Says:

    In a world where there are so many, so dern many informed, well-spoken, thoughtful sports afficianados, how is it that over and over we see numbskulled, half-wit …no, that fraction is too high…. eighth-wit crackpots, devoid of humor, insight, or any real entertainment value, working in sports and making a living? I remain appalled and wish you well Joe on your good fight.

  24. JimmyLH Says:

    You nailed it Joe.

  25. Tom Coe Says:

    Joe – you and the other idiots on this site are a bunch of thin-skinned rubes.

  26. PFisanAW Says:

    Hey there, SucksJoe, since you don’t get it, like your love-target Finebomb, there are more important things than ratings, than even money… I’m wasting my typing and my time on you-
    Great callout Joe! Got this link in an email, 1st time reader, LMAO, well done!

  27. Saban's Boytoy Says:

    Paulie was interested in Gottfried’s house…perhaps he should buy it, move in, and be closer to Nick so he won’t have to travel as far to give the reach around.

  28. farmdaddyo Says:

    Most Bama fans think Slimebum is scum, but Joe is too. Funny thing is that all those aformentioned coaches are FIRED. Kiffin is a snot nose punk who will be blow out by Meyer, Saban, Miles, Spurrier, Richt, and probably Nutt. He is in over his head and Slimbum is right again.

  29. 1949Grad Says:

    Amazing how all the “Soooo Jealous of Alabama” posters (jealousy brings hatred) try to link PF with Alabama. Finebaum has attacked Alabama much more often than he has attacked Auburn and Tenn combined. During Shula’s time at Bama, one would have thought he was an Auburn cheerleader. How quickly the Auburn fans can turn on an Auburn lover, and how ironic the UT fans can turn on one of their own grads (but look what they did to Johnny Majors, their Heisman Trophy winner, no less!)

  30. Realitycheck Says:

    Dear Joe or whatever you call yourself,

    I’m no Finebaum “lover” but to question his credentials is really stupid. Finebaum IS not an amateur in his profession. He is a professional, has credentials, and did study in college for his profession and actually did graduate. I’m questioning your authority on such things, however.

    You are a witling who writes this blog on the internet for others who are also braggarts and you think no one will ever question the integrity of what you write.

    Paul Finebaum is paid to talk about sports in the Southeast and the fact that you and others are TALKING about him and his show demonstrates how successful he is at what he does. He doesn’t lean to one particular team, he talks about whatever is popular at any particular moment. Surely, even you would know this. Evidently, you can’t figure this concept out.

    Paul Finebaum is a satirist who has been awarded 250 awards; including national and regional awards. He began writing for The Birmingham News in 1980 and his column also now appears in The Mobile Register. Finebaum’s articles have appeared in a number of national publications, including the New York Times, Sports Illustrated and The Sporting News. In November, 2004, Sports Illustrated listed Finebaum as one of nation’s top 12 sports talk show hosts. The Tennessean in August, 2002 named Finebaum as the fourth most influential powerbroker in the Southeastern Conference. Recently, The New York Times, in an article on Alabama football, quoted Finebaum and described him as “the state’s most influential sports columnist and talk show host.”

    Along with his sports column, Finebaum hosts a radio show which began in Birmingham in the 1980’s. It is the state of Alabama’s most listened-to show for over nine years. It has been awarded five consecutive awards by Associated Press for “Best Sports Show” and four consecutive awards for “Best Sports Anchor”. In 2003, Finebaum was selected for the third consecutive year as the Alabama’s “Sportscaster of the Year” by the National Association of Sportscasters and Sportswriters. In the Spring of 2001, The Paul Finebaum Radio Network debuted with affiliates throughout Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

    He has broken numerous stories on his program including the Antonio Langham case, Terry Bowden’s firing at Auburn, and Bob Gilbert’s accusations of academic fraud at Tennessee. His insight and commentary on Southeastern sports issues has gained national exposure as he has appeared on ESPN, CBS, ABC, CNN, MSNBC and HBO. In 2001, Finebaum was interviewed live on CNN concerning the Albert Means’ recruiting scandal and he was also featured on the CBS Evening News with Dan Rather. He was also showcased in 2001 on the CBS documentary on the late Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. In September 2003, Finebaum was interviewed by Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes about the corporate scandals at HealthSouth.

    Recently, Finebaum has also appeared as a guest on Larry King Live show on CNN. He also appeared several times recently on Nancy Grace, the Rita Cosby show on MSNBC and Fox News.

    Along with his writing and radio duties, Finebaum served as Sports Director at WIAT (CBS) TV in Birmingham for five years (’98-’02). His three-hour pre-game shows for the 2000 and 2001 Iron Bowl were two of the highest rated programs in CBS-42’s history. Before joining WIAT, Finebaum co-hosted Six Sports Live on WBRC-TV for five years. Recently, Finebaum returned to Fox 6 where he cohosts a Saturday Night program and appears on the station’s evening newscasts three times a week.

    Finebaum has also been a successful writer, writing over 50 joke books. His compilation of columns titled, “The Worst of Paul Finebaum” was released in 1994. His most recent book, “Finebaum Said”, was published in November 2001. He is currently working on a sports novel, which will focus on college athletics in the South. He is also in much demand as an after-dinner speaker outside the Birmingham area and in the past year spoke in Memphis, Orlando, San Antonio and recently lectured at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. In October, Finebaum also gave the keynote at the 2004 Ingram Lectures Series at AUM.

    Finebaum, a Memphis native, is a 1978 graduate of the University of Tennessee.

    Now, I believe Mr. Finebaum is well-qualified to run a radio show, is more than a “an amateur” and actually is a professional at his craft. I do believe he is probably more well-suited to do what he does than whatever it is that you do, sir. Certainly, he would do a better job writing this blog than you do.

  31. Joe Says:


    Thank you for writing and visting Also thank you for posting Finebaum’s resume.

    To the topic at hand, if Finebaum submitted that piece to any reputable paper, it would have either been killed or if it ran, he would have been suspended or fired in the aftermath.

    Far more talented columnists at better papers have been suspended or fired for less. If this is Finebaum’s version of satire Joe can understand why he’s never played Vegas.

    Please feel free to post where Joe is wrong in his critique of this particular column. As Joe has already stated, it may be the most irresponsible column Joe has ever read. Joe believes Finebaum got the spellings of the various coaches’ names correct and that is it.

  32. JoeBlows Says:

    Well I want to thank all of the senseless idiots that posted a message here. You guys are great! I can’t believe that abortion didn’t take care of most of you, but for the ones that seemed to make it in spite of your mother or yourself… you all know nothing about football and should be forced to watch highlight films of high school until you can appreciate your own poorly drawn wit. The guy who wrote this blog is an idiot and the only reason I’m on here raping the rest of you… I have 10 minutes until I finish my work, go home, and watch something entertaining like… the wall.

  33. FineHole Says:

    Joe – well done, Sir! Since the SabanHole arrived, 85% of his columns were kiss-ass Nick-sucker columns, nausiating to read (just scan the headlines and you know all you need to know).

    I quit listening to and reading his garbage last year. Regarding his “writing”, the guy can’t write a piece without using the word “However” to begin at least one paragraph. You could make a good drinking game by counting the Howevers. His radio show was better before he moved to another network (because he had some decent interviews), but I quit listening altogether in early 2008. What a complete tool.

    Thanks for calling out the prick.

  34. FinebaumIsAWhore Says:


    You nailed it. I won’t congratulate you on that, though, because anyone with a 100 IQ can see that Finebaum is a moron.

    Finebaum is what he is not because he is a talented writer. I mean, nobody would ever confuse him with Joe Posnanski. Nor is he knowledgeable about any sport. Not football. Not baseball. Not basketball. Not anything. An average fan with a working knowledge of any sport can have him on the ropes in about two seconds.

    What gives Finebaum (as another poster put it) the F*#*%ING RATINGS is 2 things. First, he is immoral. He is willing to lie, tell half truths, make fun of 18 year old kids, make racist jokes, and on and on for the purpose of getting an audience. The second reason he is popular in Alabama is that it is Alabama. Alabama is 49th in education. Alabamians are not known for their intellect. That translates to sports. Your average Alabama fan has not gone to college and has graduated a high school that is likely worse than what one finds in third world countries like Bangladesh.

    This is why Finebaum will never get a show on ESPN. This is why Finebaum will only play in Alabama. He could not make it anywhere else.

    Finebaum has just enough intelligence to look smart to morons. And that is the secret. Anybody could do it if they lacked a conscience.

    It’s kind of like whores. Whores can make a lot of money and be (relatively) popular, but I’m not about to admire a whore. At the end of the day, a whore is a whore.

    I have a theory on why he is so antagonistic. Finebaum is married, but to my knowledge, he has no children. His antics in public are textbook for a homosexual who is locked in the closet. I think if he were able to admit his love for men, then he would be a lot less mean.

  35. Seriously Says:

    FinebaumIsAWhore, I really doubt he is gay. I don’t believe that for a second. What I am sure of is that he is a very tiny man with undoubtedly a very tiny penis; and those are the main reasons he is the person he is today. He’s a little wiry man lacking any muscles, yet his profession involves sports. How does that happen? Well, you have a guy with an inferiority complex who needs to feel superior over the type of people he is so envious of. Those people are athletes, coaches, anyone involved in sports – where he likes to think his IQ is so much higher than the rest of them. Whether or not his IQ is actually higher is debatable, but he certainly thinks it is.

    Now, why does someone feel such a need to prove intellectual superiority in a profession that values athleticism much more than intellect? Furthermore, instead of using his IQ in sports in a positive way, like being a coach or administrator or whatever, he uses it to pull the negatives out. He focuses on the negative side of sports. So where does this desire to concentrate exclusively on the negative come from? It comes from those moments in the locker room in high school P.E. where his tiny frame and wee package, and any jokes about them from his classmates, had such a profound effect on his psyche. He develops a certain disdain, a hate if you will, towards those more physically gifted than himself. Athletics, and all those involved, became his enemy.

    So that leaves us with a man who has worked his whole life at finding all the negatives in sports. That’s why the columns always point out who needs to be fired, or who needs to go away, or why his show has that “satirical” tone. A small man with a small member who has dedicated his life to “getting back” at the type of people he blames for making him feel so small.

  36. Bama Fan in NYC Says:

    As an avid Alabama fan, I must admit I have NEVER been a fan of sir Slimebaum, but I’m ashamed to say I do listen to his show, every chance I get. You are precisely dead on accurate and I must compliment you on that. He’s only on top of the mountain simply because football, as everyone knows, comes before one’s very own life in the state of Alabama, and he knows how to properly get underneath the skin and stir the pot

    And to all the Barnies who are trashing Finebaum for being “Bama Biased” if all of your snuff spitting, John Deere tractor driving, incoherent fans who frequently call in (the post-office man, Charles from Reeltown, I-Man, the lady with the raspy-sand paper voice, and Cock Fighter), would stop threatening to give him “country-boy ass-whippings” maybe he’d be a little more kinder toward the citizens of Lee County. Prior to the arrival of Saban, and the downfall of your very own backwoods program, Finebaum trashed Alabama on a daily basis, just as much as he is currently doing yours. He plays the winning crowd and that’s a fact.

    Sorry to vent, Joe. I just hate Barnies 🙂 And again, nice post! Keep up the good work, my friend!

  37. Joe Says:

    Bama Fan in NYC:

    No need to apologize and thank you for venting and thanks for the kind words. Your post is a good read.

    Just to be clear for all, Joe is somewhat fond of the Crimson Tide having once worked with Gene Stallings when Stallings served time in the NFL. Joe’s post was not meant to be anti-Bama, but to expose a terribly irresponsible column.

  38. Gene E Says:

    here’s a fine example of PF’s fine outstanding journalism I had in my sent mail from last year: (the actual article is below the comments). I’ve taken out e-mail addresses and names of the group I e-mail

    Full of hard hitting facts PFis known for


    “one thing SEEMS clear”

    ” IMAGINE the following conversation ”

    ” I THINK YOU SEE that the issue now”

    ” I’M NOT EXACTLY SURE what happened”

    ” PERHAPS he got a”

    And using all these hard hitting facts he concludes
    ” One thing is certain: Auburn finds itself in a mess”

    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Jan 9, 2008 2:35 PM
    Subject: [au-sports] FINEBAUM: Credibility becoming issue at AU

    FINEBAUM: Credibility becoming issue at AU

    Tuesday, January 08, 2008

    For several years, Tommy Tuberville’s football program
    has been like the Energizer bunny. No matter what
    blows its way, Auburn keeps moving forward, resilient
    and seemingly unflappable.

    However, after the last few weeks, one has to wonder
    if the program isn’t veering toward the proverbial
    iceberg and may end up looking like the Titantic in
    the aftermath.

    A week ago today, Auburn fans awoke to 2008 basking in
    the afterglow of a stunning overtime bowl victory over
    Clemson. Tuberville had seemingly done the
    unthinkable, reversing a month of bad public relations
    in the aftermath of his much-publicized contract
    squabble with Auburn and the unseemly firing of Al
    Borges. Enthusiasm was high, particularly with the new
    high-flying offense under gimmick guru Tony Franklin.

    Then, the Will Muschamp bombshell.

    In the days following Muschamp’s departure to Texas, a
    lot of sound and fury signifying nothing has followed.
    But one thing seems clear. Bad feelings remain on the

    And the biggest question is how can Auburn shore up
    the damage and be able to convince high school
    prospects over the next few weeks that being part of
    this program is the right thing to do?

    Imagine the following conversation taking place on the
    recruiting trail between Tuberville and a top

    “Young man, Auburn is where you need to be.”

    “But coach, didn’t your offensive coordinator get
    fired and your defensive coordinator quit after saying
    he wouldn’t?”

    “Well, son, things happen. Crazy business. But things
    are great here.”

    “But coach, didn’t you have a big contract squabble
    and wanted out for another job at Texas A&M and
    Arkansas but you couldn’t leave because of the

    “Uh, no, son, that’s bunch of media nonsense. However,
    one thing that’s fact is it’s great to be an Auburn

    “But coach, didn’t your bosses try to fire you a
    couple of years ago, going behind your back to hire
    Bobby Petrino?”

    “Now, son, that’s water under the bridge, everything
    is great now. Everyone is on the same page.”

    I think you see that the issue now on the Plains is
    one of credibility. No matter what the administration
    says (“we love Tommy and want him to spend the rest of
    his life here”) or what Tuberville says (“I love
    Auburn and will be here as long as they’ll have me”),
    fewer and fewer people are really buying the spin.

    I’m not exactly sure what happened with Muschamp but
    don’t you think it’s interesting that a month ago,
    while Tuberville was discussing his new deal with
    Auburn, the thing he seemed most concerned about was
    “taking care of his assistants,” yet, as soon as the
    ink is dry on the contract, he throws Borges overboard
    and Muschamp bails for Texas?

    I don’t buy the argument that Muschamp left because he
    felt Texas would help position him for a head coaching
    position. Gene Chizik used this argument after two
    years in Austin helped him get the Iowa State job. But
    Petrino spent one year at Auburn as an assistant and
    got the Louisville job.

    Muschamp could have had the Southern Miss head
    coaching job (which isn’t chopped liver) and nearly
    landed the Arkansas job. Clearly, Muschamp’s departure
    had more to do with bad vibes he picked up than a
    great opportunity elsewhere.

    Besides, Muschamp didn’t need another belt notch on
    his résumé based on the fact he had won a national
    championship at LSU as a coordinator (under Nick
    Saban), coached for the Miami Dolphins and been at

    From this seat, this move had a lot more to do with
    bailing on a problematic situation than anything else.

    Perhaps he got a little sick and tired of reading in
    the papers for a week or two about what a genius Tony
    Franklin was going to be as offensive coordinator
    considering his defense saved Auburn countless times
    during this tumultuous season.

    One thing is certain: Auburn finds itself in a mess —
    again. For years, Tuberville has been able to find a
    bridge over troubled waters to turn a negative into a
    positive. But how many lives does one man have? How
    long can Tuberville and Auburn continue to dodge
    bullets? How long can the good ship Auburn avoid
    smashing into that iceberg?

  39. Jim S Says:

    It’s so refreshing to read an article from someone who agrees that FineSCUM adds NOTHING positive to the Alabama airwaves with his trashmucking show. He’s so obviously baised towards the University of Alabama that it amazes me that he is able to maintain his shows ratings. He’s just about alienated the entire Auburn nation and relies now on the redneck Alabama following to continue his show. For those who consider him entertaining, where has your sense of right and wrong and class gone? He tries to play both Alabama and Auburn against each other for ratings but the Auburn people of late have chosen to ignore him for the most part since he’s pushed the envelope way too far against them. He is a disgrace to professional journalism and I look forward to the day when his show is either cancelled or he decides to go home and retire.

  40. divers Says:

    LOL @ 1st comment

  41. luke Says:

    Now that a year has elapsed and you have become a moron for attacking a legend in Alabama, I guess your swimming in self pity. Kiffin showed his class and the world that Finebaum knew what he was talking about after all. Finebaum is so far ahead of you that its sad. Your the idiot with egg on his face…….. Roll Tide and Screw you