Cassel Shipped To Kansas City

February 28th, 2009

Cassel's off to K.C. in a trade. Joe wonders whether the Bucs will be interested in Tyler Thigpen. After all, he's young, fast and aggressive.

Take Matt Cassel out of the running for the Bucs QB job, reports NFL Radio.

The network just reported Cassel has been traded for the Chiefs for undisclosed draft picks.

Joe has to tip his cap to the Patriots. The grabbed Cassel out of nowhere turned him into an 11-5 quarterback.

Now the Patriots get to reload. Joe wonders how much they’ll be favored in October against the Bucs in England.

One Response to “Cassel Shipped To Kansas City”

  1. clearwaterbucfan01 Says:

    RE: Take MC out…
    Thank you to the Bucs GM or whoever is behind this Wizard of Oz Curtain.
    Spend the money on Beanie Wells..Please.

    IE, Draft picks build teams….i’m just sayin.