Bucs Trying To Add Cassel?

February 28th, 2009
Joe wonders if the rumors pointing Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel to Tampa Bay have any merit?

Joe wonders if the rumors pointing Patriots quarterback Matt Cassel to Tampa Bay have any merit?

If Anwar Richardson and Woody Cummings of the Tampa Tribune are reporting this, then the blog mentioned below must have a crumb of credibility.

Per MusketFire.com, a Patriots blog, the Bucs are trying to work a deal to bring quarterback Matt Cassel to Tampa Bay.

In short, the Patriots blog hints that a “major” three-way deal involving the Bucs, Chiefs and Patriots will result in the Bucs landing Cassel.

This new deal is rumored to involve the Bucs’ 1st round draft pick this year (#19) and their second round pick in the 2010 draft (conditional),in exchange for Cassel. With NE sending Vrabel to KC for a draft pick, and KC getting another player. Also rumored is that TB is working details on a new contract roughly worth close to $ 30 million for four-years for Cassel.

Joe would rather pass on Cassel. Joe is of the impression Cassel is a system quarterback. If Cassel could be had for the right price (second round pick), OK. Joe just thinks Cassel benefited too much from playing in a perfect system. Otherwise, he would have been a starter in college.

2 Responses to “Bucs Trying To Add Cassel?”

  1. Sargeant Mike Says:

    So if this deal happens, we won’t have a 1rst & 2nd round this year and a 2nd round pic next year. All for unproven talent. While I thought it was time for a change from Gruden, I certainly had something more like Bill Cowher, Shanahan, The Tuna or hell even Mariucci is still around or maybe even Schottenheimer(the elder). But the youth movement in coaching and GM has made me feel as if we are just dealing with KIDS. Hope all this shit works but seriously doubt it.

  2. JK Says:

    Sarge, If I’m reading this rumor right we would lose a first this year and a second next year. It doesn’t say what condition is required for next years draft. I agree with you that some changes had to be made. I’m not so sure Gruden needed to go. I fill he’s a decent coach. We as fans have no idea how much the Glazers were involved with personel decisions. However they showed their class in how they fired Gruden. Couldn’t do it man to man. Did it with a phone call. What is scarry to me is they seem to be operating like the previous owner did. Money being the bottom line no matter what. I also agree with Joe assesment of Cassel. It would be just like this inexperienced bunch to pull this off. Never mind , I just heard Cassels going to KC. Another one off the board.