10 Priorities

February 28th, 2009

Joe puts re-signing Jermaine Phillips among his priorities. Hurry up already.

Joe is pacing waiting for the Bucs’ next move.

To soothe the nerves, Joe’s going to lay off the Beefeater and take a moment to offer some priorites for Mark Dominik and Raheem The Dream.

Since “the plan” for 2009  isn’t public, Joe thought he should spew some brief advice.

1) Rebuilding or not. Equip the team to certainly go 7-9 or better, so the Bay area doesn’t suffer the humiliation of blacked out games.

2) Sign or draft a guy whose jersey people will want to buy. It’s good for business.

3) Find a quarterback at least as good as Luke McCown to compete with him and back him up. (see No. 1)

4) Find a proven running back to team with Earnest Graham. Why have a young, improving, above average offensive line without big time talent and depth in the backfield? Cadillac doesn’t count.

5) Sign Jermaine Phillips. Tough, fast and nasty is more important than injury prone.

6) Let Michael Clayton drop passes for the Lions.

7) Find a beast for the defensive line. And maybe that’s through the draft. Just don’t let Jim Bates pick him. He tanked with a lot of early personnel control in Denver.

8 ) Use some of that cash to target high quality special teams players. Great field position and a solid running game are lifesavers for any young quarterback.

9) Think long and hard about re-signing Ike Hilliard. Yeah. Yeah. Joe knows he’s old and the Bucs are rebuilding. But catching the ball on third down and running smart routes is always critical. Moving the chains helps young offenses gain valuable experience.

10) Don’t throw the ball 50 times this year in the Meadowlands.

3 Responses to “10 Priorities”

  1. Mr. Lucky Says:

    With regard to #6 – letting Clayton go to Detroit.

    Clayton was rookie of the year then he turned into a bust. My question about Clayton is this – why did Clayton’s production drop so drastically? Did Chucky play a role in that or is Clayton really a 1-year wonder?

    On rule #10 – Just another reason why I’m GLAD Chucky is on TV as an analyst and not on the Bucs sidelines.

  2. mr mister Says:

    I dont think that Gruden had anything to do with Michael Clayton running bad routes or dropping passes that he should have caught.

  3. clearwaterbucfan01 Says:

    YES, Re-sign IKE!! that was the second most critical mistake (and possibly a tie for first) that the Bucs made this past week. Ike Hilliard was knocked out COLD during a pass in the endzone going into Double coverage against the Seahawks and came back to play the following week! Have you ever seen Stovall or Stevens run a route remotely close to IKE?
    What other receiver on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been more reliable in the past, say 4 seasons, as Ike Hilliard?
    Yes, the Bucs should look long and hard at re-signing Ike Hilliard…i’m just sayin’.