Morris Says He’s Unsure Of Himself

January 19th, 2009
In a candid comment to SI.coms Peter King, new Bucs coach Raheem Morris expressed some doubt about his abilities as the new Bucs head coach.

In a candid comment to's Peter King, Raheem Morris expressed doubt in his ability as the new Bucs head coach

Unlike the empty cheerleading chants and cliches new Bucs coach Raheem Morris spurted during his initial press conference Saturday, Morris opened up with interesting comments to’s Peter King over the weekend. And in a breath of fresh air and honestly, Morris admits he’s a bit unsure if he’s up to the task of being Chucky’s successor.

“Getting a job at this age, I don’t know if you’re ready. But I don’t know if you’re ever ready. They could have given me the job at 65, and there would still be things I’d be unsure about. All I know to do is deal with each situation as it comes. Deal with the situation honestly, with candor, and be direct. Keep your core beliefs the same. They hired you because they believe in you. That’s what I plan to do.”

Joe only wishes Morris would have admitted as much in his press conference rather than whatever that jibberish was that came out of his mouth.

4 Responses to “Morris Says He’s Unsure Of Himself”

  1. Kris Says:

    this wont end well

  2. Jeff Says:

    I was a little unnerved by his demeanor at his press conference. To me, he seemed so elated that he was expecting a gatorade bath or something just for getting the gig. He was not well composed in my opinion.

    Granted, I would probably act the same way, but he needs to realize that the fans aren’t sharing the enthusiasm of him being hired from a personal point of view. We wanted to hear something from him that gave us a reason to think positive and calm ourselves down; something specific.

    He came off all wrong to me. If everyone wants to compare him to Mike Tomlin (which I really don’t); look at the poise and maturity Tomlin exudes. Raheem better take notes.

  3. JK Says:

    The Glazers are all about making money. They went bargain shopping and did they get a good deal. I predict that the cap room continues to grow as long as every seat is sold at the CITS.

  4. Says:

    .It’s just impossible to judge Morris from the press conference. His new bosses told him to keep it to 10 minute or so. And he was actually smart in saying nothing and smiling brightly. If you don’t say anything, nobody can hold you to it later. Politicians do it and we call them crafty and slick. A football coach, and we think the guy’s a moron.

    I think it’s just impossible to judge Morris at this point until he and Dominik actually do something. We’ll know soon enough.