Chucky’s Downfall Still Worth The Price

January 19th, 2009
Hey baby, even Dick Vitale knows a Super Bowl win is a priceless commodity.

Hey, even Dick Vitale knows a Super Bowl win is a priceless commodity, bay-bee!

The Glazer Boys paid a stiff price to lure Chucky from Al Davis back in 2002.

Since the Super Bowl win, the fortunes of the Bucs have pretty much been a downfall.

Still, that glorious Super Bowl win was worth it all for Joe and all real Bucs fans. Peter King of agrees.

I’d say it was worth it because you play to win the Holy Grail. Also, the Bucs are a solid eight- or nine-win team right now, and they’re in very good financial shape, the best in the NFC, with $45 million in cap room entering 2009. They’re slightly above average in talent right, with a strong offensive line, good building-block pass-rusher (Gaines Adams) and middle linebacker (Barrett Ruud), and a good young secondary, even with the aging Ronde Barber.

Joe will have a story later about Chucky. But ask a fan of the Saints, Bills, Vikings, Chargers, Falcons, Browns, Eagles, Seahawks, Titans, Texans, Jaguars, Lions and Bengals if they were would trade four lousy seasons and two additional one-and-done playoff appearances for a Super Bowl ring?

You are damned right they would!

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