Denver Post: Morris Makes Final Four

January 8th, 2009

Sportswriters aren’t known for their talent on the small screen, but Jim Armstrong, longtime columnist for the Denver Post, shows in this video that he’s pretty darn good. To be fair, Armstrong was often seen on Around the Horn, on ESPN.

Here he talks about the Broncos’ head coach search, stating the Broncos are sure to hire a defensive coach who will accept limited input on personnel and be a communicator who can eliminate Denver’s “dysfunctional front office,” quoting Denver owner Pat Bowlen.

That sure sounds like Raheem Morris is on the very short list, one of only four defensive candidates being considered. And today the Denver Post is reporting the Broncos’ choice for head coach is among the seven candidates already interviewed. So the math alone gives Morris a reasonable shot.

Joe is nervous that Morris could actually get the Denver job, although it’s unlikely. The Bucs organization would be devasted by losing Morris and being forced to scramble to find a coordinator who can run the Bucs defense, as it is contstructed.

One Response to “Denver Post: Morris Makes Final Four”

  1. Darwin Says:

    Are you crazy??? This guy is the WORST sports talk personality in the HISTORY of TV/Radio!!!!! He is a cheesy douchebag who tries wayyyy too hard to be funny and you just know he is an asshole