Stylez G. White: Defense “Ain’t Broke”

January 8th, 2009
Stylez talked about Raheem Morris on ESPN Radio

Stylez talked about Raheem Morris on ESPN Radio

The Bucs defensive lineman formerly known as Greg White visited the Killer B’s show on ESPN 1040 AM for about one hour recently.

Joe tuned in hoping the B’s would ask White lots of interesting questions about Bucs football. Sadly, but not surprisingly, that wasn’t the case. Of course, there was lots of blabbering about the University of Miami.

White, however, was asked about Raheem Morris. “It ain’t broke,” White said about the defense. He also said he expects Morris to have the defense be more agressive and “let playmakers make more plays, like Aqib [Talib] and Gaines [Adams].”

Overall, Joe believes White was implying that Monte Kiffin wasn’t necessarily setting up his best players for maximum success. What that’s worth, Joe isn’t quite sure.

But White’s performance was down in 2008, from 2007. Maybe the 29-year-old didn’t like the defensive line rotation used throughout the season. It’s worth noting the Bucs parted ways with D-Line coach Larry Coyer last week.

2 Responses to “Stylez G. White: Defense “Ain’t Broke””

  1. John Says:

    I think I heard part of that “interview.” I didn’t know it was White because the hosts didn’t mention his name before I reached my tolerance level for bad college radio. That show on 1040 is brutal.

    If there was a conflict of opinion about how defense should be played, I’m more apt to side with Monte Kiffin over a guy who named himself Stylez.

  2. JK Says:

    I’m inclined to believe what White said. The last four games no adjustments were made at halftime. No blitzes, nothing. Just the same small defensive lineman trying to beat double teams. I don’t think Monte realized Sapp was gone. He never adjusted. Maybe Warren was right when he said it was all about Kiffin and no one else.