“Men Don’t Wear Panties”

November 24th, 2008
Minnesota defensive lineman Ray Edwards thinks Bucs quarterback Garcia wears panties.

Minnesota defensive lineman Ray Edwards thinks Bucs quarterback Jeff Garcia wears panties.

Remember Minnesota’s Ray Edwards’ late hit on Jeff Garcia in Week 11 that busted open his chin? The one where Garcia had taken two steps after he released the ball and then was leveled by Edwards? Well, Edwards got fined $25,000 by the NFL for the late hit and Edwards is none too happy.

Essentially, he called Garcia what Warren Sapp called Meshawn Johnson, in so many words, to the Associated Press.

“No offense to women, but men don’t wear panties,” Edwards said. “We chose to play this game. We don’t cry when we get cracked unexpectedly. That fine is what it is. Just got to go out there and play ball and have fun.”

So let’s get this straight: Edwards would be OK with things if, say, he was walking off the field after a play and Jeremy Trueblood clotheslined him when he wasn’t looking?

Look, Joe agrees that some of the fines Roger Goodell and his boys have handed down are a bit much. Joe still can’t figure out how a play isn’t flagged by the referees, yet a player can still be fined for a play three days later by the NFL. If a play was illegal, why didn’t the referees throw a flag?

But what Edwards did to Garcia was way out of line. Edwards’ reaction tells Joe he’s alright with getting leg-whipped. That it’s all fun.

Memo to Edwards: Garcia doesn’t wear panties, but his wife certainly does.

One Response to ““Men Don’t Wear Panties””

  1. Chris Says:

    Was a very late hit and to the head.

    Ray Edwards who??

    Your a .10 a dozen a$$ bag. NFL needs to protect what makes games fun to watch. Matter of fact I don’t remember your named called until that good aweful late hit. Was durty and you paid. We should of released Davin or Trueblood on you after that. If it was hockey you’d still be lookin for your teeth!

    Consider yourself lucky the only thing you lost was 25K!