Patience Nothing New For Galloway

November 25th, 2008
Waiting for an opportunity is nothing new for Joey Galloway

Waiting for an opportunity is nothing new for Joey Galloway

Now just an afterthought in the Bucs offense, healthy Joey Galloway is tapping into the virtue of patience he learned years ago.

Galloway told a story of devotion and patience Monday on the Joey Galloway Show on WDAE 620 AM. When Galloway shared the story, his co-host, Steve Duemig, was stunned. So was Joe.

In short, after a strong junior season at Ohio State University, Galloway said he made the decision to enter the NFL draft. He said he had already informed university officials and others that he was going pro .

Then Galloway drove home to tell his parents, who lived a couple of hours off campus.

Well, when Galloway broke the news to mom and dad, they immediately said, “No, you’re going back to school for your senior year to get your degree. End of story.” 

Galloway’s response? “OK.” Galloway explained that disobeying his parents was not an option for him, despite being in his 20s. (The podcast of the broadcast should be available at in a couple of days.)

Joe just can’t imagine having that kind of patience and devotion as a kid about to sign a million-dollar contract in the NFL.

Joe hopes Chucky is smart enough to find ways to get Galloway meaningful opportunities in the Bucs offense. Gruden can talk all he wants about how good Antonio Bryant is, but that doesn’t take away from Galloway’s talent and capabilities. Getting Galloway involved should only make the team better.

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