First Quarter Thoughts

November 23rd, 2008

* Just HAD to rush Cadillac Williams back, didn’t you Chucky? Just had to. Cadillac being out of position (not knowing the plays perhaps?) cost the Bucs a touchdown. I hope you’re happy Chucky! You better hope you win this game or you might be working in Cincinnati next year — the University of Cincinnati!

* Come on Donald Penn! Joe knows Steve Campbell thinks the world of you but good grief, you CANNOT let a guy come past you untouched and have a free shot at your quarterback. I mean at least take out his legs! A 15-yard penalty is better than having Son of Bob calling signals. Is that what you want?

* My, that Cadillac is making Joe forget about Michael Bennett. Freaking Chucky!

* It’s third-and-14 and you are calling a play where a wide receiver is running a pattern where he is barely past the line of scrimmage? Really Chucky???

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