Gruden: A-Train A Possibility

October 13th, 2008
Gruden suggests the Bucs should talk to Mike Alstott about a return.

Gruden suggests the Bucs should talk to Mike Alstott about a return.

Asked about the Bucs’ injuries to its fullbacks, Byron Storer and B.J. Askew, Chucky said today that the team should try to talk Mike Alstott into returning to the team. Sunday night’s home game against Seattle is Mike Alstott night, honoring the legendary Bucs fullback.

Chucky dismissed the idea of Earnest Graham continuing to play a substitute role at fullback.  

“Earnest is a heck of a tailback,” Gruden said. “We’re in trouble [at fullback]. Byron is questionable. … We’ll see how Byron’s MRI looks and how B.J. feels in the comng days. …Using a tight end at that position has always been part of the contigency plan at that position. … We have to do something. …Mike Alstott will be celebrated Sunday night. Maybe we can talk him into playing.”

Joe assumed Gruden was joking when he first mentioned an Alstott return, but Gruden mentioned the possibility later in his Monday news conference.

When Alstott retired last year, he said a second neck injury would prevent him from returning to football. Is there a chance he’s gone for more opinions? Is there a grain of truth to Chucky’s comments?

If Storer or Askew is going to be out long term, then maybe it’s not so crazy for Alstott to return temporarily. With the bye week coming up and his knowledge of the offense, is it that ridiculous that he could give it a try?

4 Responses to “Gruden: A-Train A Possibility”

  1. Chris Says:


    He didnt use him when he was here. Not a logical solution for a FIX. There are other FA FB’s out there just as good as Storer. That said Storer will be missed on Special Teams. He’s been doin GREAT on ST’s!

  2. crackerick Says:

    I think Alstott could handle being a backup fullback for half a season. And maybe channel the football gods for a playoff game. Bring back #40!!

  3. Zach Says:

    LOL I saw Alstott at the Rays game Sunday. He looked like he was about 200 lbs. No chance there.

    Like Chris says…sign whatever FB we cut in training camp and let him block for a game.

  4. tony Says:

    let the a-train enjoy his day and ride out in the sunset. the bucs would be better off with mikes services on the coaching staff. the best Idea I heard is jamel cook. I think Were asking for trouble if we keep graham at fullback unless we work it out so he doesnt lose his incentives