Gaines Watch: Week 1

September 7th, 2008

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 Mixed bag today for Gaines Adams, the Bucs 2007 first round draft choice and fourth overall selection. He came up big late in the game when the Bucs needed a huge play.

The Bucs right defensive end lined up against New Orleans left tackle Jammal Brown.

 In a weekly feature on, Joe will document each play to chronicle how Adams fared.
NIP = Not in play.
NOF = Not on the field; Greg White at right end.

Saints first possession
New Orleans – 14:55
1st-10, NO24 14:55 Thomas rushed to the left for 4 yard gain
Blown off line. NIP
2nd-6, NO28 14:22 Brees quick pass to Bush to the left for 16 yard gain
1st-10, NO44 13:52 Bush rushed to the left for 10 yard gain.
Bush runs away from Adams.
1st-15, NO49 12:43 Brees quick pass to Thomas to the right for 5 yard gain.
2nd-10, TB46 12:11 Brees passed to Bush down the middle for 7 yard gain.
Adams runs a stunt to his left and did not get past the line, offered no pressure.
3rd-3, TB39 11:27 Brees passed to Patten to the left for 39 yard touchdown. Gramatica made PAT.
Adam is driven back by Brown initially and then he tries to turn inside but by then Brees got the pass off.

Saints second possession
New Orleans – 10:05
1st-10, NO9 10:05 Brees passed to Bush to the left for 11 yard gain.
Adams sails past Brown but is picked up by fullback Mike Karney just before getting to Brees.
1st-10, NO20 9:35 Bush rushed to the right for 1 yard loss.
This time New Orleans left guard Jamar Nesbit blocked Adams and owned him.2nd-15, NO15 8:13 Phillip Buchanon intercepted Brees for 26 yard touchdown.
Adams got some heat on Brees but it was Barrett Ruud who got to Brees to force him into a bad throw.

Saints third possession
New Orleans – 8:06
1st-10, NO6 8:06 Brees incomplete pass to the left.
Adams runs a stunt to the left, getting some pressure on Brees.
2nd-10, NO6 8:00 Bush rushed to the right for 4 yard gain
Adams does a nice job of getting to Bush. Though he didn’t get a tackle he got a hand on him.

Read the full breakdown here.

2 Responses to “Gaines Watch: Week 1”

  1. Mr. Magoo Says:

    Anyone that saw Gaines Adams do anything besides getting run out of every play needs to go see the eye doctor!

  2. Chris Says:

    I gave him a C+. He was flyin all over the place. He got held a few times too so that didn’t help his case. He’s faster and quicker than anyone on the D-line. D-line I gave a C-.

    O-line I gave a D. Would be an F but Penn and the rook were in.

    I can’t believe Donald Penn is in the league!