Scratch Marvin Lewis Off The Help List

January 2nd, 2018

Considering Dirk Koetter himself gave defensive coordinator Mike Smith a questionable endorsement yesterday, it was fair to go to bed wondering what change could come to the Tampa Bay defense.

One name Joe referenced a couple of weeks ago was Marvin Lewis, a close friend of Koetter for decades.

Lewis has a stunning defensive resumé and was rumored to be wanting out of Cincinnati for a front office job or a consultant gig, or just a new head coaching gig.

Lewis, if he were available, would be a natural for a one-year advisor gig with the Bucs. Mike Smith used to work for him, he’s got a track record of finding defensive line talent, and could be a trusted, savvy and fresh pair of eyes for Koetter.

But it’s not happening.

Lewis inked a two-year extension today to keep coaching the Bengals, where he has a winning record since taking over in 2003.

So what’s next for the Bucs’ coaching staff? Joe is rather confident the first change will come among the defensive backs coaches.

86 Responses to “Scratch Marvin Lewis Off The Help List”

  1. Lakeland Says:

    There’s not many qualified Head Coaches available.

  2. DB55 Says:

    Man just trade away McCoy and you’ll see the def improve tremendously. McDonald managed to do something in week 16 and 17 that gmc has never done. McDonald had 2 clutch 4th qrt sacks to give the O a chance to win.

    Meanwhile it’s becoming more evident that OCs are actually running at McCoy on short yardage and goal line situations. Damn shame for a 16mil a yr all-pro to be getting picked on bc the entire league realizes he’s soft as ice cream. Dam shame really.

  3. JonBuc Says:

    Lakeland said:

    There’s not many qualified Head Coaches available.

    @ Lakeland

    That’s a good point. Although I was pretty surprised…and disappointed that the Dirk and Smiley Smith are staying….there’s not a lot to choose from and several teams looking. The Patriot coordinators are the names that keep popping up. I’m not sure either are head coaching material. McDaniels tried in Denver and failed while Matt Patricia appears to be an excellent coordinator…yet I can’t see him as a head coach. He can barely dress himself.

  4. The Buc Realist Says:

    One year adviser????? Why, do the Bucs need someone to say fix the pass rush???? They already know that and Head Coach Koetter said as much in his season ending press conference!!!!!!! Fix the pass rush and fix the redzone offense!!!!!!!!

    Lucky to have coach Smitty stay and Now we can fix the “real” problems!!!!! Fix the Trenches!!!!!!

    Go Bucs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. LifeOfABucFan Says:

    Help list? Well Del Rio tops mine..but I am sure he will get a HC somewhere..that man would be a great fit here..

  6. SB Says:

    Fix the Lines and all else will fall into place.

  7. SB Says:

    Also just re-watched the Bucs/Saints game Sober and Jameis should have had At Least 5 Ints. Saints D was butter fingered in the first Quarter. The kid shows absolute Brilliance right next to ignorance. I don’t think it will ever go away do to his competitive nature but I hope he can cut down on that.

  8. Kyle Says:

    I still cant believe gruden is going to the raiders and this inept coaching staff has made zero changes. Its a huge mistake.again by the glazers, who can’t seem to hire management level employees for the buccaneers.

  9. SB Says:

    As I said I just re-watched the game and you really should stop smoking crack DB

  10. 1nebuv Says:


    1st thing Bucs should do is fire bajenkia(an coach) and hire Charlie Weise and make him your qb/assistant coach
    2nd go and bring Bill Muir back to coach the o line
    3rd bring Jack del Rio in as special teams coach

  11. DB55 Says:


    1st qrt 2:36 which hole does Kamara hit and what’s the result?

    3rd qrt 13:55 which hole do they hit?

    I’ll see if I can find more, meanwhile you got Mcdonald tackling WRs 7 yards down field.

    Go check please and lmk if I’m wrong

  12. Lamarcus Says:


    I think opposite teams raved about gmc to get him all worked up on how good he is and then attack him. Idk I seen the same thing. Teams are just running the ball gmc way with ease. I’m still waiting on GMC to get us a clutch sack, goaline stop, or take over game like the rest of the top line man.

    But until that day happens he will be considered GARBAGE. Role player when we get blown out and probowler all world when we win type player. Revis 16 million a year looks way better than GMC 16 million right about now

  13. Lamarcus Says:


    Bill Muir is like 85 to 90 years old.

  14. Lamarcus Says:

    Then I think Joe pointed out that GMC has been thru 81 losses. Gtfoh.

  15. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    Vic Fangio or Del Rio would be major upgrades

  16. unbelievable Says:

    LOL a whopping 2 plays DB? Cmon man!

  17. DB55 Says:


    Nah there’s more I just don’t have every play qrt and time memorized. Still though one would think teams would run away from the all-world candy cane based on reputation alone. I guess teams don’t believe the Bucs faithful.

    How about last week. Cam fumbles and runs up gmc gap for the winning score. Come on guys this should be jumping off the screen at you guys.

  18. unbelievable Says:

    I think you can place blame on Kwon, GMC and Baker for that Carolina play to be honest.

  19. JimmyJack Says:

    Agree with 1nebuv…..Gotta think there is a QB coach out there somewhere who could get Winston to stop making some of the bad decisions leading to ugly unnessesary turnovers.

    Winston seems to lack awareness of game situation sometimes. Our QB coach ain’t getting it through to him, bring in somebody you think can.

  20. JimmyJack Says:

    Also, hire John Fox if possible. For no other reason then I like that dude.

  21. JonGrudenForPresident Says:

    is @DB55 for real? bro drop the keyboard and back away from it slowly!!! I can assure you GMC93 is not nor has he EVER been part of the problem.

  22. JonGrudenForPresident Says:

    Fox and Del Rio would be LIT

  23. JimmyJack Says:

    DB55 1st qtr 2:56……Where are our LBers on that play?

    Starting to think that unit is overrated…….They make very little impact in our run stop. Yeah I know they make a lot of tackles but often times it is well beyond the line of scrimmage.

  24. Eric Says:

    Last consultant we had was Butch Davis, who had to pretend he wasn’t coaching so he could get that Carolina money.

    Extremely mixed results.

    Really the Glazer’s should consult a proctologist……

    U know the punchline.

  25. JimmyJack Says:

    That being said you are right about McCoy getting run on. Not trying to pass blame but there is enough to go around……This team has gone backwards in the last few years in the run stopping dept.

  26. First Down Tampa Bay Says:

    Pretty sure Marvin Lewis secretly signed a lifetime deal with the Bungles when he first signed on…

  27. DB55 Says:

    unbelievable Says:
    January 2nd, 2018 at 9:08 pm
    I think you can place blame on Kwon, GMC and Baker for that Carolina play to be honest
    Nah bruh he’s on the 1 yard line nothing the lbs can do there. That’s why you pay Tutti mcfrutti a million dollars a week to make the play.

  28. DB55 Says:

    Plus Baker was knee deep in the trenches while mcbuttercups was standing around not wanting to get hit cuz as you know he’d rather be acting and not getting hit. Ijs

  29. Bucsfan1988 Says:

    Bring in Jack Del Rio & ditch Mike Smith. See Del Rio has this habit of creating exceptional defensive turnarounds in ONE year. It’s how he rolls!

  30. DB55 Says:


    Don’t disappear on me bro if you gonna call me a crack head at least prove me wrong.

    Btw VH3 playing so much better than Jameis, good call on the gay-duh. Not sure how jameis will ever come up from out of vh3’s shadow.

  31. JimmyJack Says:

    Dude the only way Mike Smith isn’t coaching here next year is if he gets hired to HC somewhere.

  32. SB Says:

    DB….I don’t ‘hang out’ here to see how people respond to my posts. I have told you Over and Over that if you want to call every OC in the League an Idiot then I have no time for your GMC hate.
    Have a good night and don’t smoke Meth either.

  33. DB55 Says:


    Not sure I’ll take a look later and post my observations. As for LVD he’s got more TFLs than you can shake a stick at. Not sure what’s up with Kwon to be honest.

    If I recall correctly they said that only Von Miller has more TFLs than David since they entered the league. 93+ or something like that.

  34. stevbobucfan Says:

    can someone please tell me the problem with G McCoy. there are a couple of fans that keep posting get rid of GMC he’s this he’s that I am not a GMC fan but please enlighten me with what’s going on. Haven’t no one in the sport world say anything about him. He’s in the pro Bowl again this year. I just want to know what it is

  35. Defense Rules Says:

    Joe, I don’t think any of the defensive position coaches will get fired. Still contend that they did an admirable job this year with very little talent. All are highly-experienced coaches with very good resumes. Besides that, any coach coming here this year knows that Koetter & Smitty are on short leashes (as in ‘Screw up & you’re gone’). What decent coach wants to risk their career jumping into a situation like that?

    On looking at the final standings & stats for the NFC South, I realized just how far off the Bucs are. The other 3 teams have all improved (especially defensively) but we’ve actually regressed. We not only gave up the most points (382) in the division, but we also scored the fewest points (335). Bucs have a huge mountain to climb … offensively, defensively & special teams … IF we expect to compete well for a playoff spot in the division.

    And yet, we played all 3 teams real tough the last time we faced them. Beat the Saints (31-24) and barely lost to the Panthers (22-19) and to the Falcons (24-21). Given better talent (especially DLine, Secondary, OLine & RB) we could’ve won all 3 of those games, and several others. Recognize there’s a lot of division about the caliber of this present Bucs’ coaching staff, but hopefully fans wait to see how they perform once our weaknesses are fixed. All we have to do is trust Jason Licht & company to do that. (Nope, I still can’t say that with a straight face).

  36. Bucsfan1988 Says:

    Maybe not JimmyJack. You know there are changes coming. I could definitely see Del Rio joining us!! He’s a great coordinator.

  37. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah look at that play DB55. Kamara goes untouched into the endzone. Awful play on the entire defense IMO

  38. DB55 Says:


    Lol. Touché.

    Well bro the proof is in the pudding sorry you won’t take a minute to look. He’s garbage bro and he’s getting worse every single snap.

    Riddle me this mr wilderness how come McDonald got 5 sacks vs gmc 6 sacks in part time duty and was out with an injury for at least 3 weeks?

    If he’s so great how come his back-up is playing at above his level?

  39. DB55 Says:

    My point is that teams are running at gmc in short yardage and goal line. I’ve been told OCs don’t do that. Plus you would think you’d want to run away from the greatest dt who’s ever walked the earth but then again wtfdik

  40. stevbobucfan Says:

    As I have said before I am fine with Koetter getting another year but not so excited about next year after reading there may not be any changes to the defensive staff I guess I am just a fan and not a NFL assistant so i don’t see what others see

  41. SCBucsFan Says:

    Bengals fans must be excited embracing mediocrity

  42. DB55 Says:


    In short he’s overrated, overpaid, leader of the losing culture and soft as a babies bottom. Don’t be fooled by the popularity contest that is the pro-bowl, GMC’s smile alone is enough to get into 10 consecutive pro-bowls just don’t ask him to show up in the 4th qrt or lord forbid make a play to win a game.

  43. ruggyup Says:

    Create the energy, remove and replace- DelRio the frontrunner with history of fast turnaround D improvement plus a working relationship with Coach K. Fly on the wall says maybe that’s why DelRio would say thanks but no thanks.

  44. JimmyJack Says:

    I don’t think M.Smith is a bad coach. Just think he was the wrong guy for this team. His defense is centered around front four pressure which is the one thing we don’t have. And not just that we don’t have a top end front four it’s that we have probably the worst front four pressure in the league.

    It was just a bad hire IMO and the only way to fix it will be to get better ends in here or change the scheme. I’d like to see them get serious and pull off a trade for a legit end. We have all seen that the free agent market is not kind to acquiring pass rushers……It’s a volatile situation. If they churn out a bottom tier passrush again we are likely in for another long season and this franchise will be cleaning house.

  45. Bucsfan1988 Says:

    Yup, I do agree I think it’s time to part ways with GMC93.
    Trade him and see what we can get. Use those draft pics to snag us a new rookie DT. I admit I do like Christian Wilkins & the one from Alabama that caught the TD pass last nite. Try & pick up one via FA. Folks, it really is time to move on & start fresh….

  46. JimmyJack Says:

    LOL DB55…….All I can tell you is you need to lower your expectations. McCoy has never stood up in any fourth quater since he’s been here. You should have quit expecting that about six years ago.

    It ain’t never gonna happen man I hate to break it to smash your dreams.

    I’m perfectly fine with him being a role player on this defense. In the meantime the front office needs to bring in a real leader for this line……..That way a guy like Baker don’t come in laughing at out losses, and if he does he don’t have to get told by a linebacker.

  47. DB55 Says:

    I’d like to know what it would take to get Leonard Williams down here. I think he’d be perfect for this young defense and would have everyone saying Gerald who after just a few weeks.

    It don’t matter who you hire or who you buy as long as McCoy is on this team we won’t win a darn thing. #Facts

  48. Buc believer Says:

    Oh man that must really piss Koetter off that we can’t have ANOTHER losing coach on our staff!! Maybe you can see jerk err Dirk (sorry bra) if the coach from the Browns is available. He should fit in nicely!

  49. DB55 Says:


    U laugh but without McDonald’s sacks we wouldn’t have had a chance to win which is my exact point. Fck a figurehead don’t this town want to win some football games?

  50. JimmyJack Says:

    Now your going off the rails. Suggesting that McCoy is preventing winning makes no literal sense.

  51. Dave Says:

    Some of the most negative most know nothing non fans on this site.
    Always blaming the wrong players.
    Please, take your dad lives somewhere else.

  52. Dave Says:

    Sad lives

  53. JimmyJack Says:

    Yeah agree about McDonald……..McCoy did hid job on that play though in case you didn’t notice……..Take McCoy off that play and it likely never happens

  54. stevbobucfan Says:

    I hear ya db55 I’ve always thought he was soft just wasn’t aware of other play by GMC I’ve been more into watching the entire defense play as a whole

  55. JimmyJack Says:

    In fairness Dave their aren’t a whole lot to be positive about……That is unless you enjoy celebrating almost wins and effort which has been the lowered standard of many this year.

  56. Perimeter Blocker Says:

    If Del Rio doesn’t get a HC or DC I can see him coming here as a consultant. I don’t think Smith is leaving. If things go South next year I can see Dungy being put in the Krewe of honor and going through the same drill with him as we did with Gruden. Want real craziness, hire Peyton Manning as GM. Guess who his first call would be to coach…lol Just a thought…

  57. ScottyinFatAntonio Says:

    Maybe we will luck out and Smitty will get head coaching gig this year….LMAO! Naaaaaaa

  58. JimmyJack Says:

    Holy crap Perimeter Blocker! Dungy being inducted into the ring of honor this year……That would be amazing if it played out like you suggested!!

    That may be the greatest comment of all-time. The Glazers simply must make this happen.

  59. SB Says:

    Riddle me this mr wilderness how come McDonald got 5 sacks vs gmc 6 sacks in part time duty and was out with an injury for at least 3 weeks?
    Dumbest Question Ever maybe here and that says alot.
    OCs “Gameplan” for GMC they don’t for McDonald.
    Get it?

  60. JimmyJack Says:

    The Giants would be the only likely gig for Smitty(I think). Interestingly we play them this year and they have the front four he needs, which are the exact types of teams Dirks playbooks gets rendered useless against.

  61. JimmyJack Says:

    Maybe GMCs incredible leadership rubbed off on McDonald.

    Have no fear the McTwins are here to save the day!!

  62. DB55 Says:

    Ostriches I swear.

    Whatever dog I see how it is, all good you’ve been on me for months but I got you. We can just agree to disagree. As for the name calling I thought you were better than that but you live and you learn. Hope I don’t run you outta here like I did to Hawaii.

  63. DB55 Says:

    Gmc is a beach nothing more nothing less! McDonald is playing at his level bc he wants to win and is a leader. Doesn’t have 1/10 of the talent McCoy has but has heart, something gmc will never have.

  64. USFBUC Says:

    I don’t know about the whole defensive coaching situation but I know for sure at this point that we missed big on VH3. Guy regressed to a part time role and guys draft after him are starters in their secondary.

  65. SB Says:

    Gmc is a beach nothing more nothing less! McDonald is playing at his level bc he wants to win and is a leader. Doesn’t have 1/10 of the talent McCoy has but has heart, something gmc will never have.
    OC’s get paid at least a Mil a year and a GUARANTEE none ever said that. It tickles me that the average fan can even Square his mouth to say this. Respect going Down bro!

  66. Broy34 Says:

    Db- probably because they know it’s CLINTON MCDONALD. Why in God’s name would you worry about Clint instead of McCoy. Every o coordinator shadows the line towards McCoy every play every game. He’s never singled. Ever. Nobody is worried about Clinton mother f in Mcdonald. Are you seriously that clueless

  67. DB55 Says:

    Likewise and for as much as I might disagree still don’t result to calling you names but whatever you do you.

  68. DB55 Says:


    See week 16. GMC’s sack. (He always gets doubled, psst you sound like Rhône’s until he had to eat his words.) 1on1 vs a guard and still needed help to get there.

    In comparison look at McDonald’s sack against the saints. He beats a double if not triple team to make the sack in the 4th qrt not the 2nd qrt like Mccoy.

    Do you guys watch the games or do you just like to fck with me? I’m gonna say the latter.

  69. DB55 Says:


    So I post factual stuff (games,times,etc) and ask you to confirm but you hit me with a personal opinion but by adding you garuntee it’s somehow true? How can you prove that OCs are not running right at gmc? Film don’t lie.

  70. Lakeland Says:

    A Buc fan says Bengal fans accept mediocrity

    Marvin Lewis 7 playoff berths in 15 years

    Tampa Bay Bucs 2 playoff berths in 15 years

  71. Pelbuc Says:

    I’m with the folks who want to trade DJax and GMC while the Bucs can get trade value. With the picks, Bucs can upgrade Dline and go FA for a center and edge rusher and DB. Clinton McDonald is a keeper and great for the locker room. As for age, see what Peppers did with Panthers.

  72. Lakeland Says:

    The Giants will hire Jim Schwartz as their Head Coach

  73. DB55 Says:

    *Atl not Saints

  74. Eric Says:

    Nobody is going to hire Smith as a head coach.

    Del Rio is not going to be a consultant.

    The big boy pants are going to have to be put on and coach the dang team like everybody else does.

    If you need a consultant when you have been around as long as Smith then you suck. Don’t need the Army Corps of Engineers to tell you that.

  75. Lamarcus Says:


    Why am I always being moderated?? I’m a reasonable guy sometimes (not veteran pkayers)

    Is it accidental or I’m just a bad poster??

  76. Mike Evans GOAT Says:

    Ty law over barber is a joke. Barber has 5 less int, but 23 more sacks and 200 more tackles. What a shame

  77. Bucsfan1988 Says:

    Just get Del Rio in here. We’ll figure out somewhere to put him on defense 🙂
    Smitty can stay in the press box with his TV monitors and binoculars. Del Rio will be on the sidelines relating to the players as they come off.

  78. Jarod Lauderdale Says:

    You guys , db55 & tmax are right on the money about mcsofty ! They have been this whole time . you guys hate on them for hating on GMC but it’s true . I hated on tmax for the whole we are getting dalvin cook his boy toy & I only hated on him about that because he acted like it was for sure gonna happen 100% when no one truly knows about what’s gonna happen in the draft except the people turning in the cards ! No proof ! But boy there is proof out there about GMC isn’t there….this 100 mil dollar man couldn’t hold sapps jock strap & if I’m being generous I would compare GMC to say chidi ahanatu.look at the sack numbers , I bet the 2 are close without looking them up myself & teams do run right at GMC & get what they want out of it most times..he is not & I repeat is not a dominant DT ! I can name 10 more dominant dt’s out there right now . get rid of his ass and bring in a DT & draft a good de or 2 and watch the bucs get at least 33 sacks next year w/out blitzing ! Is he a nice guy ? Yes , yes he is , now ask yourself if you want a nice guy for a DT and your answer better be hell no ! You might be able to name 10 plays in his career that were impact full that’s it ! And that’s career ! Come on !!! Free that money up bucs and watch our line get better

  79. Jarod Lauderdale Says:

    And yes , I know chidi was an end so for the sake of argument I say I’d rather have Brad cullpepper who had Hart over mcpuke ! GMC is no star player is all I’m saying ! He is average..I would love to have to good ends & 2 good dt’s anyday & twice on Sunday..not ice cream man pointing to his arm after a second quarter sack in a game we lose !

  80. Jarod Lauderdale Says:

    What has GMC done for us ? It’s the same answer you get every time…nothing !!!!!! He don’t even make the ends he plays with better cause if he did , our ends would have more sacks just by accident !!! Year in and year out we debate this , if he was so good , all of us would be saying boy , that McCoy may not get 10 sacks a year but he make the line so much better ! Now who in the hell has even said that ??? I’m waiting !

  81. bucs_365 Says:

    Jack Del Rio for D-coordinator.

  82. darin Says:

    Theyre letting the dust settle on the coaching carousel before making a decision about replacing smith. If u think he is getting a hc job before he gets canned here for another dc youre nuggets. You must not have watched this defense play this year. Predictability and prevent defense gets you 32 ranked, 5-11 and probably fired. Not on teams watch list as a head coach.

  83. mark2001 Says:

    Told you guys it would all work out this way. Smith is the D coordinator… if any changes, as the position coach level. Enjoy.

  84. mark2001 Says:

    Zimmer, Ryan, Fangio, Williams to Green Bay? Who cares? We have Smith.

  85. not there yet Says:

    Take credit Joe’s no one else on the planet came up with the dumb idea of hiring Marvin Lewis as a consultant or Bruce Arians as a quarterback coach lol. Your basically saying they can’t do the job they were hired to do and will get fired for incompetence next year if they don’t have that kind of help

  86. martinii Says:

    Other than Dungy and a short stint with Chucky HC’s don’t fair well in Tampa.