Will Gholston “Day-To-Day”

August 19th, 2014
william gholston

DL Will Gholston got heartfelt praise from Lovie Smith yesterday.

Yes, readers of this here corner of the Interwebs know Joe is a Will Gholston kind of guy. After hearing about his nightmarish upbringing and getting to meet Gholston — Joe isn’t about to say he knows any Bucs player — it is hard not to pull for the guy.

We all know his Bucs story. He began on the fringe of the bubble, an uphill climb to even make last year’s squad.

All he did was work hard and got better and better as the season wore on before he secured a starting left defensive end gig before the 2013 season ended. He showed a lot of potential in that big frame of his.

Well, it seems with Bucs coach Lovie Smith, Gholston is taking the same path. When asked about Gholston’s arm in a sling yesterday, Lovie said to his knowledge Gholston’s injury was “day-to-day,” then, unsolicited, Lovie began a short, heartfelt pitch about how much Gholston has grown as a player in a few short months with Lovie.

“He has done a great job, I might add,” Lovie said. “He was one of those players on the outside looking in until he started working. I wouldn’t say embarrassing, but he didn’t look good even going through the bags early on.

“He’s improved in a lot of ways. He’s a big man and is eager. I think he has a pretty bright future ahead of him.”

Is that future with the Bucs? It would be hard for Joe to think otherwise. Gholston has done more in one season than, say, Da’Quan Bowers has done in three. Gholston is also versatile, can play both inside and outside. That’s versatility Lovie covets.

The way Gholston hustles and works and, apparently, takes well to coaching, plus his versatility and his inexpensive salary, it would be a bit of surprise if he is not wearing a Bucs uniform on Sundays this fall.

6 Responses to “Will Gholston “Day-To-Day””

  1. clafollett Says:

    I see big things for Will if he can stay healthy. I like him more than our new DE Johnson. Johnson just hasn’t impressed me much. Gholston shows a strong burst and athleticism you can’t teach.

    Good luck Will!

  2. Touch_Down_Tampa_Bay Says:

    Gholston is money in the bank! He will get 3 – 5 sacks this year. He will be our next man beast. The NFC South will see our d-line as the QB Killers.

    After last year’s nightmare, this season watching the defense become a beast will be very satisfying.

  3. Teacherman777 Says:

    That means he came into camp way out of shape.

    Lovie almost said his performance at the beginning was “embarassing.”


    These big guys need to stay healthy and active in their free time.

    Athletes who drink alcohol are dumb. Bottom line.

    Alcohol is the worst thing for an athlete.

    Herb? Naaahhhh. Legalize it!

    Free Josh Gordon!

  4. Tom Edrington Says:

    Truth is in life: We are all “day-to-day”

    The season will be determined by overall health of this team or lack-of as the season progresses.

  5. Jeagan1999 Says:

    Glad to hear that the big guy is not badly hurt. When I saw him go down Saturday night I feared he had torn a pec or bicep. Hopefully he is good to go in a few more days and will show this year that he has what it takes to be a good young DE in the NFL this year. I would not be surprised if he is a starter by mid-season.

  6. Buccfan37 Says:

    I’m pulling for Gholston bigtime also. Teacherman777… it will be a cold day in hell before these assbackward entrenched corrupt Florida politicians allow legal recreational cannabis.

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