McCown “Not The Long-Term Solution”

April 9th, 2014
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Bucs GM Jason Licht talks quarterbacks (and other Bucs stuff) with

Joe knows Bucs fans love to talk quarterbacks. Joe does, too. Whether it’s leaky, sleepy Rip Van Freeman or the Mike Glennon Mob or Johnny Football, few things get Bucs fans more worked up.

A guy with a white cane can see the Bucs will very likely be taking a quarterback at some time during the three-day Christmas in May celebration of NFL fans, otherwise known as the NFL draft.

Joe found it very interesting yesterday when Joe asked Mike Glennon if it was set in stone he would be the backup, or can he still win the starting job if he blew up this summer in training camp and preseason. Glennon responded saying to ask Lovie Smith, in so many words.

The question clearly touched a raw nerve with the usually easy-going Glennon. It sure doesn’t smell like Glennon is a short-term solution.

Then enter journeyman Josh McCown, who signed to a two-year, $10 million pact. McCown, 34, comes in with more bad NFL years than good.

Clearly, those are signs of the Bucs drafting a quarterback, not to mention all the interviews and scheduled visits the team has had with quarterbacks in the draft. Even Bucs general manager Jason Licht, the rookie Bucs front office shot-caller, told Judy Battista that not too far down the road, McCown won’t be barking signals for the Bucs.

The signing of the 34-year-old McCown “took care of two needs,” Licht said. “We wanted to upgrade the overall unit, and also put Mike Glennon in the best position to ascend. Even Josh McCown knows he’s not the long-term solution at quarterback at his age. But he has such a great reputation. He is an incredible resource as a leader and as a teacher.”

It is fairly clear at this point, Bucs coach Lovie Smith and Licht aren’t totally sure what they have in Glennon. Then, Licht goes on record stating McCown is not long-term (given his age, 34, that’s not an outrageous statement).

For no other reason, the Bucs at least will draft a quarterback as protection, a guy L&L hand-pick. A guy who could be the future, depending on what happens in the near-future with McCown and Glennon.

23 Responses to “McCown “Not The Long-Term Solution””

  1. johnny Says:

    McCown will be a great teacher on how to be a Journeyman backup for years and get a big payday out of 4 good games .

  2. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Hey if a big pay day for four games is the price to pay McCown for the development of a franchise QB count me on board. Good call on Glennon, Joe. Wouldnt count him out just yet, really looking forward to seeing how he has developed over the offseason.

  3. SAMCRO Says:

    The only thing that has me a little perplexed is the fact that the Bucs have gone on record saying they will only keep 2 QB’s going into the season.

    What if the Bucs newly drafted QB and MG8 out perform McCown during the preseason? Will they release McCown after giving him such a big contract?

    or will they sacrifice one of the younger QBs?

    They could stash one on the practice squad but I think it would be pilfered before the end of the season by another team.

    Plus, it would be a shame if they had to trade one to recoup the wasted draft pick.

    Personally, if they intend on drafting a QB, and the 2 rookies beat out McCown, the Bucs should carry 3 QB’s into the season or take it on the chin and release McCown.

  4. Harry Says:

    Please add “unemployed” leaky, sleepy Rip Van Freeman

  5. Michael Duggan Says:

    Derek Carr

  6. Tackleblockwin Says:

    Still…it won’t be a surprise if McCown takes every snap this season.

  7. StPeteBucsFan Says:

    OK after reading everybody I guess I’m rooting for Mike Evans @ #7 and then Garrappolo in the 2nd round. That addresses our two major needs.

    Sadly for Joe I don’t think L&L will take Johnny Football at #7. It’s just too big of a gamble and he’s definitely not a “value” pick. Garrapollo in later rounds would be better “value”. And there are some out there who want Aaron Murray. He would be a true “value” pick because you could get him late and pay him very little.

  8. Ernest T. Bass Says:

    Smokescreen. Every time Loveboat endorses someone it was a false statement. Penn, Revis and #19 were all part of the plans until shown the door. JMac is starting even if someone else lights up the preseason. Loveboat wants other teams to take QBs so they can grab Watkins or Evans.

  9. MadMax Says:

    Just trade up for Robinson (use a pick from next year if needed)….then draft a WR and great pass catching TE, and the rest is hit or miss….and if we can land QB Connor Shaw somehow, icing on the cake! Talk about value and filling need!!! With our core of RB’s the passing game will open, and we can slow down the up tempo teams….jmo!

  10. Bucfan#37 Says:

    What will happen at the QB position is anybody’s guess. I’m sure we all will be surprised a month from now when the speculation becomes reality. That should be a fun time for all here at JoeBucsFan. Can’t wait, like a kid as Christmas day approaches.

  11. Dustin K Says:

    If they draft a qb early,, Glennon will be traded. Just makes sense.

  12. Gt40bear Says:

    I sure hope the double talk between L & L is intentional for smokescreen purposes. Otherwise stage is being set for trouble between the two down the road.

  13. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    johnny Says:
    April 9th, 2014 at 8:05 am
    McCown will be a great teacher on how to be a Journeyman backup for years and get a big payday out of 4 good games .”

    Three good games. He actually went 3-2 starting. Why people think he’ll be any good is beyond me. Fans will want him benched before game 4.

    McCown isn’t good at all. How the heck can he teach Glennon?

  14. Couch Fan Says:

    A guy who could be the future, depending on what happens in the near-future with McCown and Glennon.


    Is Joe on vacation or something? This can’t be the same guy that was emphatically telling us Glennon had NO chance.

  15. Bucsfanman Says:

    I don’t know how anybody could’ve thought of McCown as anything other than a stop-gap/mentor solution. Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter who starts. If it’s Glennon, you have a capable backup in McCown. Conversely Glennon is a suitable backup to McCown.
    If I were GM I would not draft QB at #7 but later on. There will be good value in later rounds that you can groom slowly. QB at #7= starting him too early.
    Overall, McCown was an upgrade to the position.

  16. Bubba Says:

    Bucs trade their first round pick to Houston for their #1 and Mike Glennon.

    With the #1 pick of the draft the Tampa Bay Buccaneers draft Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M

  17. BFFL Says:

    It funny how Joe can totally misinterpret a quote. I guess it’s like the old saying “you hear what you want to hear”.

    I interpret Licht’s quote to mean that the Bucs are very serious about exploring the option to have Glennon as their long-term answer to QB. They will give him time to evolve and perhaps draft a QB next year if they do decide to move from Glennon.

    The only reason they are trying out QB’s is to make sure they do their homework and also send a smokescreen.

  18. ToesOnTheLine Says:


    that was my take as well, since he said put Mike Glennon in the best position to ascend not put our younger QB’s in the best position. It must truly hurt the JF5 crowd in immeasurable ways that as much animosity they throw at MG8 he is still a part of the Bucs plans while Josh is still unemployed (and not by choice)

  19. stanglassman Says:

    That’s what I think Dustin regarding trading MG8. Unless Lovie changes his philosophy on keeping only 2 Qbs. They will either trade him right after the draft or showcase him in the preseason then do it. I like him & think he is a good QB in many systems just not Tedfords. The only other option is if they draft a QB in a later round and he preforms well they could put him on the practice squad but that’s always risky.

  20. lurker Says:

    it is not “if you don’t like glue pad glennon you like snow-white freeman.” just because a person realizes glennon is not the answer because he sucks, is plodding, inaccurate, duck-throwin qb does not mean that person want someone who is a waste of talent nd has his head in the wrong place.

    we need a better qb option; preferably a playmaker.

  21. Atlbucs28 Says:

    ^^^^ BFFL &TOTL
    I’m sorry Joe, but when I spotted you stalking the back of Glennon in the video. I lol waiting for a loaded question. Bam you didn’t disappoint! Spin it baby! Keeps me coming back daily ..

  22. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    ToesOnTheLine Says
    “It must truly hurt the JF5 crowd in immeasurable ways that as much animosity they throw at MG8 he is still a part of the Bucs plans while Josh is still unemployed…”

    I think you are misunderstanding the people that are not MGMers. We’re just not giving credit before it is due, and we feel another QB for true competition is a good thing.

    Personally, I never felt Glennon was drafted to be a starter. Fans rewrite things, but he was drafted to replace Dan O.

  23. ToesOnTheLine Says:

    No issues with a QB competition here either, I just didn’t see how Licht’s comment on bringing in McCown means Bucs want to draft a QB as a long term solution instead of what Licht was quoted as saying in the article.