Bucs Seven-Round Mock Draft

April 9th, 2014
Bucs fans should not sleep on Penn State WR Allen Robinson.

Bucs fans should not sleep on Penn State WR Allen Robinson.

Joe has made no secret of what positions he believes the Bucs should — and in some cases, pretty sure will — upgrade come next month’s draft, which is 30 days away. Here are the positions:

* Quarterback: Joe is willing to lay cash the Bucs draft a quarterback. It may not be in the first round. It may not be in the second round, it may be with their last pick. But a quarterback the Bucs will draft.

* Wide receiver: The Bucs should look to add to the wide receiver corps in this very deep draft for receivers, and that was before the scourge of civilization, Mike Williams, was traded.

* Offensive line: Joe is simply not sold that the Bucs’ offensive line, as currently constructed, is the second coming of the 1970s Raiders. At best, this line is thin as hell.

* Outside linebacker: Joe doesn’t think it would be sacrilege to obtain an outside linebacker, at least for depth, maybe on the third day.

Enter draftnik Emory Hunt, Sr., the Czar of the Playbook. In this well-produced video, Hunt looks at where he sees holes in the Bucs’ roster and delivers a seven-round mock draft of who the Bucs will select, and why.

Enjoy the video. It’s pretty solid.

38 Responses to “Bucs Seven-Round Mock Draft”

  1. phattitudes Says:

    This draft has more emphasis on the Offense and assumes the Bucs have addressed the hole at Right Guard in Free Agency by signing Wharton.

    Round 1 Pick 7 – Evans (Texas A&M) – WR
    Round 2 Pick 38 – Carr (Fresno State) – QB
    Round 3 Pick 69 – Mathews (Vanderbilt) – WR
    Round 5 Pick 143 – Kennard (USC) – OLB
    Round 6 Pick 186 – Britt (Missour) – OT
    Round 7 Pick 221 – Westbrook (West Texas A&M – DE

  2. terraj35 Says:

    Yes because mack is gonna be there at 7…He should’ve had us take watkins in the 2nd round and Jake Matthews in the 7th…seriously, no one on the planet really thinks mack will be there at 7

  3. joseph mamma Says:

    I’m hoping Lovie had nothing to do with how our offensive line is constructed. If there was anything he and Angelo could not do in Chicago, it was construct and build an offensive line. The draft picks were terrible in Chicago and so was the coaching.

  4. Phillip Says:

    Respect that he took the time to do this and I’m sure he gets some picks correct but does he really think Murray and Bryant being available in the 6th and 7th rounds?

    Also James Hurst as the second best Tackle prospect?? Greg Robinson Taylor Lewan Jake Matthews and Zack Martin instantly come to mind..

    Mack would be nice but the OFFENSE really needs the help BAD… I really think they should think long and hard IF Manziel or Bridgewater are on the board(Only think one will be) or obviously if Watkins but I highly doubt he will be… If not available I would try my hardest to trade back and dangle Mike Evans out there as the reason to trade back to around the 12th-20th area and take Carr, Ebron, Lee, Cooks, or hell the Guard from UCLA… Not a fan of Benjamin… He’s literally a C version of Mike Evans(Not as fast and athletic)

    Let the nonsense begin…

  5. Phillip Says:


    Love the beginning to the mock(Jordan Matthews is a steal) except you didn’t draft a single G…. The Bucs better trade back at one point and pick up an extra 2nd or 3rd or get a 4th… Wharton would be nice to add but… We don’t just need one G we need two(I don’t trust Nicks) and a swing O-lineman like we had in Zuttah

  6. Architek Says:

    If you aren’t sold on this line then what were you thoughts about the desolation of a OLine?

  7. Architek Says:

    Last year and the past OLine couldn’t do jack right and wasn’t consistent and overpaid.

  8. Nate_tweetz Says:

    Martavious Bryant in the 6th round!?! and Murray in the 7th!?! This guy is on crack. Bryant may be a “sleeper” WR in the draft, but there’s NO WAY he falls to the 6th rd. If Bryant is still around in the 4th rd I would be shocked. I would like to have Bryant, but if this guy thinks we’re getting him in the 6th, he’s dreaming.

    As much as I like Watkins, he’s not gonna be there when we pick at 7. OL with the our first pick isn’t smart because our tackle position was filled by a free agent in Collins. Picking guard here is way too high. To me, that leaves picking a QB (unlikely), DE, or stud TE in my opinion for our first pick. Honestly, I do not see us staying at 7. I think we are going to try to trade down to get more picks. I’m pretty sure L&L want to have as many picks as possible to fill as many holes as possible.

  9. Macabee Says:

    MOCK DRAFT 2.0

    My mock drafts are based on the confluence of all mocks as the draft approaches, rumors from local websites, meetings and planned visits by potential draftees. Alternate picks are provided.

    RD1 – WR Mike Evans/Texas A&M
    OT Greg Robinson/Auburn
    DT Aaron Donald/Pitt

    Theory: The Bucs will trade down in round 2. They get a 4th round pick. They will pick an OG or an OT that can play OG also.

    RD2 – OG Xavier Su’a Filo/UCLA
    OG Gabe Jackson/Miss State
    OT Morgan Moses/Virginia
    OT Joel Bitonio/Neveada

    RD3 – WR Paul Richardson/Colorado
    WR Cody Latimer/Indiana

    RD4 – ILB Telvin Smith/FSU
    ILB Lamin Barrow/LSU

    RD5 – QB Connor Shaw/So Carolina
    QB Garrett Gilbert/SMU
    QB Brett Smith/Wyoming

    RD6 – TE Richard Rodgers/Cal
    TE Alex Bayer/Bowling Green

    RD7 – DE Larry Webster/Bloomsburg
    OT Kadeem Williams/Albany

  10. BucsfaninChina Says:

    No thanks on Robinson, too much finesse and not enough toughness to get the ball, basically the anti-VJax.

    Ideal situation – Trade back in the first to pick up an extra third, snag Lee/Beckham Jr/Ebron in mid-late first, versatile interior lineman in second like Yankey/Martin/Sua Filo, then Garoppolo and Brandon Coleman in the third. Boom.

  11. Chris Says:

    Videos not displaying joe. Any other sources I can watch?

  12. BucDan Says:

    It’s a youtube video. Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BtmMnIl5Yjw

  13. Sneedy16 Says:

    Based on how the QB situation is set up. I have a feeling they will go with a QB that they can model into the offense. They have a veteran starter and a young backup. I do not see them taking one in the first round.

    1st – WR
    2nd – OL
    3rd – QB or OL
    5th – OL, LB, or WR
    6th – LB, WR, or OL
    7th – CB, WR, OL

    I don’t know why some assume that Lovie will be involved with the selection with the offense. If a year off has taught him is that he sucks at it. I’m sure offensive selections will be mainly involving Licht and Tedford.

  14. Mike Glennon Fans Says:

    here is how it goes down
    bucs trade up with STL and give STL thier 1st and 3rd round picks
    1st round- Sammy Watkins WR
    2nd round -Dakota Dozier OG
    5th round – DeAndre Coleman DT
    6th round- Lamin Barrow- MLB
    7th round- LaDamian Washington WR
    non drafted signee’s- James Wilder Jr, Tahj Boyd, Noel Devine, DAnthony Thomas

  15. Sneedy16 Says:

    @Mike Glennon Fans

    It’s going to take more than just a 3rd this year. More like a 2nd this year to trade with them for their 1st.

  16. Jordan Says:

    Trade back to #13 with the Rams for their #44 pick in round 2. Take either Ebron, Barr, Donald, or Lewan at #13. The #38 and #44 picks are worth around the #20-24 pick if packaged together in a trade up. This would give us a chance to hop Cleveland, Jax, Hou, and Oak in case a QB like Bridgewater were to fall out of the top 10.

  17. Name Required Says:

    Certainly not the sexiest draft…

  18. Lev Says:


  19. Lev Says:

    Why are we talking about the draft? It is still a life time away. Some would call it an eternity.

  20. Espo Says:

    Lol @ scourge of civilization

  21. Jason Says:

    Robinson not physical enough??? You obviously haven’t watched any tape on him if you think that’s the case. He had the entire defense’s focus on him as PSU’s only real offensive threat the last 2 years and still made play after play. Wanna see a V Jax catch, watch the catch against Michigan with the game on the line last season.

  22. Chris Says:

    That’s one of the worst mock drafts I’ve seen.

  23. Espo Says:

    And what would be a “sexy” draft? I hate that term when used for football. Men aren’t sexy. I apologize if you’re a lady, but men still aren’t sexy.

  24. Rbucs1964 Says:

    I can that after addition and deletion this draft will see more emphasis on the Offense.

    Round 1 Pick 7 – Mike Evans (Texas A&M) – WR
    Round 2 Pick 38 – Jimmy Garoppolo (Eastern Illinois) – QB
    Round 3 Pick 69 – Seantrel Henderson (Miami) – OT
    Round 5 Pick 143 – James Hurst (North Carolina) – OG/OT
    Round 6 Pick 186 – James Wilder Jr. (Florida State) – RB
    Round 7 Pick 221 – Brandon Denmark (Florida A&M – OLB

  25. Manzielski Says:

    That was a terrible draft. I guaranty not one pick correct, I could do better with a blindfold and darts.

    Why does this guy expend the effort?

  26. BuccaneerBonzai Says:

    I don’t think it will play out like the video OR like Macabee predicts.

    I KNOW the first pick will not be WR. They certainly will not trade up for one.

    I don’t usually do a real mock until the week of the draft. Not a serious one. Halfway tempted to do a top 10 rankings at each position ass well this year.

    Lovie has only chosen busts at oline, so even though I think its worth the rik, I’m still nervous.

    Mack wasn’t even in top 10 before he was mocked at 7.

  27. Que589 Says:

    Round 1 – G. Robinson or J.Matthews- OT (will be starting RG to solidify O-line)
    Round 2 – Jimmy Garoppolo – QB (future franchise QB)
    Round 2 – C. Latimer or A. Robinson WR (#2 WR, will trade back into 2nd Rd)

  28. owlykat Says:

    Thanks for including this Joe. You pick up ideas every Mock you see. After studying Hurst, I think he could make a nice backup, but coming back from an injury I would not spend a 2nd round pick on him. After studying my draft review on Bryant he looks very similar to Williams except that he has deep speed too. I don’t think there is any chance he will be there in the 6th round, but I would be willing to take him in the fourth if there, and Grant does have skills to play slot receiver but he lacks the deep speed and I would consider him if there in the 6th round, should we grab Bryant in the third round who can stretch defenses. But if I wanted two go routes against a single safety I would want Murphy in the slot and Bryant at no. 2. Murray has skills but he would need to sit on the bench and heal this whole year and you would have to keep Glennon on the roster this year as the backup QB. Murray is only 6 feet, and has trouble making throws deep on the run but can make all the throws from the pocket if he can find an opening to throw through. He is not on Brees level as an athlete, and even Brees has to roll out to make a lot of his deep throws, which would be a problem for Murray. The Saints pay high money for their central three linemen because Brees is so short. Other than Nix if healthy, we don’t do that. They have to be able to knock down DL so Brees can throw from the pocket at his height, without having his passes knocked down. Very interesting, Mock, Joe!

  29. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    phatitudes…. I LOVE your draft!!!

    Anyone hoping we pick Mike Evans at #7 is A-okay in my book!

    But phatty then has us grabbinf Carr in round 2. That is an A plus 2nd pick too.

    I wouldn’t mind offensive line though in round 2 and 3, then a QB at 5th. One of the Lichts secret weapon guy. Someone that can move on and off the practice squad so we can keep Glennon another season.

  30. Macabee Says:


    Mocks are just wild a$$ guesses as you know. But just for fun, you post one, I’ll save it to Word and a day or two after the draft, let’s compare notes for laughs. No harm, no foul!

  31. Buc Fan #237 Says:

    phatitudes… I love that draft buddy!

  32. Newbucsfan!!! Says:

    trade down and get as many picks as you can then draft c.j. Mosley, Martavias Bryant, A.j. McCarron, Coleman at WR, the 6″8 OT, and a guard in any order. I’m a wannabe G.M. and I can see all of these picks being available if we draft well.

    C.J. Mosley–1st after trade back
    Martavias Bryant– 2nd
    A.J. McCarron–3rd
    a guard–3rd
    6″8 OT forget name–5th
    Coleman a big tall WR 6″6–6th
    DE at this pick–7th

  33. Ladyfan Says:

    Like the thinking behind the Mock and I like Aaron Murray as late round pick. It might fill a few seats to have a home town boy around. However, Mack at #7 when he’s projected to be # 1 or 2 after Clowney? Would be nice but don’t think so. Would we trade up? I think we would actually but what would be give up going from 7 to 1? Anyone know the current “cost”?

  34. Bucsfanman Says:

    Wooooo-hooooo! There is some fun stuff right there!
    @Macabee- I like your mock taking a QB later.
    @Bonzai- I think the gauntlet has been thrown!
    Me? No way am I putting my name on any guesswork in this draft. Chicken? You betcha!
    The draft seems light years away!

  35. Bucsfanman Says:

    @Ladyfan- Probably at least 1st and 2nd this year or 1st and 1st next year. Too high unless it’s their guy.

  36. Buccaneer Bonzai Says:

    Macabee Says

    Mocks are just wild a$$ guesses as you know. But just for fun, you post one, I’ll save it to Word and a day or two after the draft, let’s compare notes for laughs. No harm, no foul!”

    I can save you time…I might get the first pick right if I’m lucky, but then it will all go downhill. I’m not even sure I’ll get the first pick right 😉

    Last year, Schiano totally threw me off.

  37. Lou. Says:

    @Macabee —

    Like your list of 5th-round qbs. Those names may well be on the Bucs’ radar.

    We all know that need is a terrible talent evaluator. We need WRs and OGs. We could use ML, CB, DT and DE. And a QB somewhere is a given.

    I think we are finished with TE, so Ebron will not be considered by our management. I also think Wright is slated for the slot, so a #2 WR is what the team is looking for.

    Watch for when the Bucs start making defensive selections. I think the first two picks have to be WR then OG , but there will be pressure go go for defense by R3. If they go defense in the first two rounds, that will tell us all something about the coaches and the team.

  38. Tristan Berry Says:

    He lost me at Khalil…

    Seriously, there is NO WAY ON THIS EARTH that anyone running a cover-2-base defense like Lovie is, is going to take a Sam LB in the first round, no matter how good he is. That’s just dirt-stupid.