Lovie Hints At Draft Plans

April 22nd, 2014
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Lovie Smith said the Bucs wont just draft players for one side of the ball.

It was a giddy Lovie Smith who took to the podium at One Buc Palace following his very first practice as Bucs head coach.

Lovie is normally a very laid back kind of a guy, a serious guy, but not in any way uptight. So how good of a mood was Lovie in after finally get his team, his Bucs team, on the field for the first time? Lovie even cracked a couple of jokes.

That is the first time Joe has ever heard Lovie try to be Jerry Seinfeld.

Of course, it is very limited what can be gleaned from the very first practice when players are wearing shorts, no pads, a football jersey, and the gleaming chrome helmets (when the sun is out). Lovie did say there were a lot of mistakes, but gee whiz, it’s the first practice for these guys learning a new defense and a new offense. Lovie expected no less.

But while discussing all things Bucs, Lovie let slip a little insight into the plans for him and general manager Jason Licht when the two convene in a little more than two weeks to run the 2014 draft.

“We plan on adding players on both sides of the ball in the draft,” Lovie said.

Well now. Joe was a bit surprised to hear that about the defense, which seems set. Perhaps the Bucs will add defensive players later in the draft, say on the Day 3?

Joe know some fans want another linebacker, but where would he play? Mason Foster seems entrenched at middle linebacker and surely the Bucs would not draft an outside linebacker at No. 7 who might only play 40 percent of the time. That just doesn’t seem smart. The restocked defensive line should be OK, though Joe knows some may want tackle Aaron Donald, who draft wizard Gil Brandt states is too high of a pick at No. 7.

The Bucs are thin as hell on the offensive line and, of course, after Vincent Jackson at receiver, there’s a dropoff since mattress-in-the-yard, stripper-pole-in-the-living-room (allegedly), blade-in-the-thigh Mike Williams was shipped off to Buffalo.

37 Responses to “Lovie Hints At Draft Plans”

  1. Buc1987 Says:

    And suddenly a breath of fresh air fills the room…

  2. mike Says:

    Joe, if Mack could also play DE then he would play most of the time would he not? we need a pass rush, and Mack could supply that too. I think that would be worth a #7

  3. Tampabaybucfan Says:

    Lovie wouldn’t be able to stop himself from picking Mack if he was there…..
    I expect Sammy to be gone…but if not, we need him….
    Evans would be a good consolation prize….trading down and picking up CJ Mosley or Ebron would also work for me.

  4. tiny tim Says:

    Thats the problem. People always want to think we are set at a position or on a particular side of the ball. Just like last year, all I read is how many weapons Josh had and there was no need to draft a slot receiver (Austin). I don’t know how the rest of you feel, but the DL outside of McCoy are all unproven. Why wouldn’t the bucs want to upgrade at DE or DT if they like one in the draft? Why wouldn’t they want to draft a CB if they liked one? Because we have Leonard and Jenkins? Again, this team has many holes. The sooner we understand that, the better.

  5. Orca Says:

    I’m wondering if they may not be as worried about the O-line as we are. Perhaps Omameh is looking like a real prospect?

    Offense may need more attention, but you can never ignore the defense if you’re a defensive coach. Anybody expect Sean Payton to pass on explosive offensive players…. There’s a reasonable argument to be made for drafting to make one unit dominant.

  6. Cmurda Says:

    Off topic – Lightning’s performance an embarrassment. Get a goaltender.

    Ok, back to football. I expect quite a bit of love to the offense in this draft

  7. Harry Says:

    I predict Lovie wants another DE, but maybe the DT you spoke of Joe. He likes his Des. I think the first 3 picks should go to offense. But look how offense was under addressed in FA. Yes, they signed a bunch of O-linemen, but they cut a bunch too. We desperately need a WR with a high pick (or two or a TE), and at least one guard. Thats on a hope and a prayer that our OTs are both ok.

    Crazy to think we would spend a draft pick on a defensive player before the 6th rd. BUT he might – thats his thing.

  8. brandonbucfan Says:

    C’mon- Lovie isn’t going to give anything away. He is a veteran coach. I’m sure even JOE couldn’t trip him up to say what he really thinks. CAN YOU SMELL SMOKE? Latest rumor has Carr off the board at #11 to the Titans. This is so much fun to read and can’t wait till May 8. Tomorrow nights schedule should be interesting…Bucs @ Bears first week?

  9. INDYbucsfan Says:

    Haha how is this insight? Did any of us really believe he would only add players to one side of the ball?
    I seriously can’t wait for the draft. Don’t have any clue as to who we will draft but I’m sure he’ll be quality.

  10. BucsfaninChina Says:

    Forget Aaron Donald. Basically a smaller quicker version of Gerald. And he is not getting past the middle of the first. Bucs should be looking to upgrade the 1 tech DT with a true 2 down run stuffer, a la Louis Nix or Daquan Jones. Or get a pass rusher who can play all over the line like Crichton or Easley.

  11. Scoobs Says:

    My dreams of hearing someone yelling Connor Shaw at night from the street have stopped.

  12. SteveK Says:

    We covet pass rushers nowadays.

    Time to draft Aaron Donald. Sapp-like talent.

    What’s better than GMC? Two GMCs.

  13. SteveK Says:

    Pardon me, Joes, but I’d give my left nut for a defense like the early 2000’s.

    Bring it back, Lovie, we need it.

  14. Mumbles Says:

    Lovie’s got his groove on!

  15. Macabee Says:

    Posted this Sunday!

    Macabee Says:
    April 20th, 2014 at 8:27 am

    Don’t you believe for one minute that Lovie Smith is going to sit through a whole draft and not come away with some defensive goodie!

    Remember, a leopard got spots!

  16. richardtyson Says:

    Richard enjoys reading Joebucsfan.com more then even Richard knows. He doesn’t mean to be a pest, but he also wants others including himself, to enjoy their favorite Buc website. Richard is sorry for any frustration he has caused.

  17. Brandon Says:

    If we got Mack he would probably spend 40% of his time at Sam LB and the other 60% with his hand in the dirt at DE in the nickle.

  18. oldfart44 Says:


    Goaltender!? Terrible defensemen; slow, can’t turn to the outside.

    Who’s coaching these people?

    re:Bucs. Things should be better, but I don’t see the playoffs. Sorry. Too many holes.

  19. WalkdaPlank Says:

    BTW, did any of you see the way the number 7 looks on the new uniforms? Christ! Who designed those monstrosities?!

    New helmets look good though, despite the bloated and cartoonish logo.

  20. Dougy balls Says:

    Joe only thing about your mobile user comment is at times it’s the only way to read for us non desk jocky’s to view your site . Don’t take it personnel . Some just want to know if it is there phone ( iPhone ) or carrier ( verizon) elswise it’s your site with overload of advertisement 🙁

  21. WalkdaPlank Says:

    Lovie is fine as long as he tries to plug up those huge holes he and Licht have created at WR and the O-line. Let’s not forget about CB. That is one defensive pick I can see Lovie making in the later rounds. The only proven corner is Verner, the jury is still out on 2nd rounder Jonthan Banks.

  22. Cmurda Says:

    Wow. After seeing the call of all calls against the Bolts giving and I do mean giving the Canadiens the sweep, I have to wonder. Has Tampa become the home of you get nothing and like it? Are the Bucs going to be called for offensive pass interference when the game is on the line and V Jax catches it?

  23. stratobuc Says:

    Hasn’t it always been that way?

  24. White Tiger Says:

    Wow…shock of shocks.

    Can anyone recall when the Bucs, or any team (save for Ditka’s Saints) that DIDN’T draft both sides of the draft?

    Maybe I missed the nuance…?

  25. Buc1987 Says:

    Flush you’re smart phone down the toilet.

  26. FuNkYxMuNkEy Says:

    I could see us drafting a DB, LB, and DE somewhere in the 3-7 range. I just hope we can figure out a way to get a second pick in round 2. That would allow us to get a WR and OG in round 2. Then after that Lovie can have his pick of players on Defense. If we can’t trade down from #7 to get the extra pick. I would not be upset if we gave away our 2nd next year and maybe a 5th this year if someone like Su’a Filo, or Zak Martin is still there or a top 5 WR like Kelvin Benjamin drops to the beginning of the 2nd round.

    My dream draft at this point would be 1. Derek Carr 2a. Su’a Filo 2b. Kelvin Benjamin 3. Rashaad Reynolds CB Oregon State

  27. nate Says:

    Im going to put money the draft will go like this 1st round oline jake mathews 2nd round best offensive guard 3rd round best available wide reciever. After that best qb to fit ted form system…..the rest of the picks wont matter..

  28. Justin Says:

    SMH … Only thing more shocking than this is the sun will be out tomorrow…. We all clicked and ad revenue has been generated (as to why articles aren’t posted on main page anymore, I assume), so jokes on us.

    Anyway….. D isn’t as set as one may think. CB, pass rush and even LB could all use upgrades. Of course, Oline/WR are the big needs on O.

  29. Bucs Draft Says:

    Hey Joe, I have a Windows phone and I’m not seeing any problems for mobile viewing.

  30. Bucs Draft Says:

    Latest mock I saw had Johnny going at 3 to Jville. So at least Joe will have him nearby. We took Robinson at 7. Still think we trade down though.

  31. mjmoody Says:

    I see a glaring hole at CB. We need size, speed, & instincts in that room. Playing zone isn’t going to magically fix what we have there. Don’t believe teams have stopped watching the Seahawks own Manning. That wasn’t just ALL up front.

  32. Oil Derrick Brooks Says:

    Besides safety, I wouldn’t be surprised with any defensive position being targeted in the draft.

  33. BirdDoggers Says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Lovie takes a defender in the first or second round. It’s not the biggest need, but Lovie is a defensive coach. I don’t think he’ll pass up the opportunity to take a guy he feels is a great prospect for his defense, if that guy grades out better than one of the available O-lineman, WRs, QBs, etc.

  34. MadMax Says:

    Louis Nix could be our version of Vince Wilfork, he’s 6’2 340-350…and if Watkins, Bortles, Mack, and Robinson are gone, Im putting my money on Nix being BPA….yes Evans would be nice but a reach @7 imo..

    BUT imagine Nix beside GMC rotating with McDonald, with Johnson and Clayborn rotating with Gholston and Bowers (if Bowers shows up, fingers crossed). That could be one hell of a D line, potentially dominant in a year or two!

    Oh the smokescreens….haha

  35. BRoy3434 Says:

    I keep seeing people post about mock drafts and I find it funny to me that people on this site are saying we have holes here and there. NO $HIT. Why do u think the draft is held. Because people get paid by other teams, the original team loses a player and drafts a cheap replacement with the hopes they’re yet again going to have to decide whether to pay said player or let him go to FA. Every single team there ever has been has holes. So stop sayin it trying to sound smart. The Seahawks and Niners has holes for crying out loud. Loooovw people saying were already not making the playoffs. To those who said that u should be ashamed of yourself. If this team gets Mack clowney or Watkins or even Manziel and he starts week one. There’s a very good chance of playoffs. Unless by the end of the draft we don’t have an all pro at every position.

  36. Kalind Says:

    Lol out for Justin Gilbert. Even at 7 he’s got serious value.
    Ps. I’d rather have Cooks than Evans

  37. cjkelly1 Says:

    Don’t give away any secrets Lovie